Friday, 31 May 2013

Myth busting

So the funniest part of a pregnancy is listening to old wives tales... For some reason while you are pregnant every old aunt thinks its her god given right or duty to fill your head with nonsense!!!! 

Some of the stuff I heard myself and some that I got from all my new mommy friends were just too priceless so I am sharing it with you..

While its in no real order of crazy to craziest or anything... The first one is just my absolute favorite!!!

Wearing under garments will flatten the baby's face and features!!!! Right........ So  thru all those layers and layers of fat your thin cotton panties are going to "flatten" none the less, your baby's face!!!

If your belly itches it means your baby has hair on his head!! (No matter your dry skin or stretch marks having anything to do with it!!!) 

Going out during an eclipse will deform your baby so carry a knife with you to counter it!!

Eating a rasgulla a day will make your baby fair... Science and DNA be damned!!! 

This is for during and after deliveries:

Eating oil or ghee will make your baby slide out 

If your hair is in a plait undo it during delivery and your delivery will be painless!!! 

Don't have curd while you are breast feeding it will curdle your milk!!!

So while I was doing my bit of research in this a friend told me that only silly Indian women can come up with these things... And that abroad no one must be so dumb to believe these things.. Well I found out that they are!!!! 

Putting your hands over your head will entangle your baby in its umbilical cord!! 

Drink lots of water while you are pregnant or your baby will either get dirty in the sac or will come out dirty!!!! Yes I have actually read this one!!!!

If you stay mad at someone while pregnant your baby will look like that person!!!!!!! Hmmmm.... My baby boy looks like his dad... ;)

And of course to determine the sex of the child the myths are just hilarious!!!

If you look tired and drained you're having a girl as a girl will rob you of your good looks!!!!!!!! 

If you are moody and cranky you are having a girl as you have an extra girls hormones (which apparently are sullen) and you will be happy and cheerful if you have a boy (whaaaaaat!!!!!)

And lastly if you like salty spicy food it's a boy and sweet stuff you are having a girl... Now this last one might just be true since all thru my pregnancy, more or less, I craved yummy spicy foods and here is my little boy!!!!


  1. I love your little boy!!!!
    Science is now, superstition was then....they had to find some explanations for the scared moms I guess.
    Learning never stops.....and the ridiculous always remains..))))))
    Common sense prevails!

  2. Hahahahaha I LOVE this one - it's got to be one of my favourite posts on your blog...I wonder whether I'll get told the same things when I get this space!!

    1. oh you'll get all these and more!!!!