Monday, 7 January 2019

Little Stories -7

Little Story One:

So this teeny tiny little fella has become quite a smart alec... In fact my new name for him is - the negotiator!

There was a time I loved telling him stories before he went to sleep, but now thats become Aadi's department... mostly because I found myself falling asleep telling the stories!!!

No not because they were boring stories... just because ... well whatever!

Point being one night Aadi wasn't around and I was putting him to sleep... So I tried to be clever and told him 

"Baby I'm really tired today can we just do cuddly cuddly and go to sleep?" (this is also because man I love cuddling this thingling)

"No mumma tell me a story"

"Arree baba I'm really tired ya... I only have the energy to do cuddly cuddly"

He thinks for a bit and says 

"Mumma why don't you use your cuddly cuddly energy to tell me a story instead?!!!!"

Ok then!

Little Story Two:

So we were watching the Graham Norton show a few weeks ago and Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson performed their new song. 

It’s called “Nothing breaks like a heart” 

So she’s sitting on top of a car and he’s strumming his guitar below while Siddy and I watch them... when Siddy asks:

“What’s the name of this song mumma?” 

“Nothing breaks like a heart baby” 

Silence and then in a minute or two

 “Ya that’s true” he says very matter of factly.

“What’s true?” 

“Nothing breaks like a heart” he shrugs and says.

Now silence on my part! Assuming he’s confused I say 

“But when a glass glass breaks it can break na?”

"Ya mumma but a heart is magical. When it breaks it turns into dust... not like regular things like a chair which just breaks. 

Now its just silence on my part because oh my god... my little baby...  he already knows the heart is magical... damn any girl who comes close to his sweet sweet heart.... Imma gonna kill you!

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

Looks like I'm starting off this New Year being quite true to myself.

A lost soul!!

Why, you ask?

Well, let's see for the New Year we decided to go off to Lonavala to spend it with my mum, brother, sister in law their munchkin and some friends. We decide to go on the 30th to avoid the traffic of the 31st and come back on the 2nd to avoid the traffic of the 1st.

Sounds all good and right and simple till now?

It is... till we got home!

See we had a great long long weekend... lots of food, lots of drinks, lots of dancing with the kids and the beautiful freezing cold weather...

I come back on the 2nd afternoon and happily message on the school moms chat:

"So guys... school tomorrow huh?"!

After a few seconds my phone pings and I read:

"You're kidding right? School started today!"

I don't respond because I'm waiting for someone to say "Haha just kidding"

Instead I get a lot of laughing and lols!

And I went straight back to my school days in my head... when I had no clue what was going on. I was that kid who almost always forgot her homework, her school books.. my hair was always a mess and I almost always wore the wrong shoes to school!

I say almost always but to be honest it was ALWAYS!!

See I was a lost kid in school and looks like I've grown up into a pretty lost mommy!!

I don't mind it much.... and funnily all the mums were so sweet they were like " I was thinking only of calling you and reminding you!!" to "wow how are you so bindass to actually forget when school starts"

Just like when I was in school and I had friends who would always have my back... the same way these mums did... I had friends who would always remind me of things who would tell me to pin my hair when teachers passed me by... it was awesome... my school friends were easily the best part of my school...

And like they made my school memories great... looks like I'm making Siddy's school memories great... because when I told him - that kid laughed at me for like a full 5 mins!!!

In case you didn't figure - I forgot the bumling's school started on the 2nd!!

Heres to 2019!!!