Monday 7 January 2019

Little Stories -7

Little Story One:

So this teeny tiny little fella has become quite a smart alec... In fact my new name for him is - the negotiator!

There was a time I loved telling him stories before he went to sleep, but now thats become Aadi's department... mostly because I found myself falling asleep telling the stories!!!

No not because they were boring stories... just because ... well whatever!

Point being one night Aadi wasn't around and I was putting him to sleep... So I tried to be clever and told him 

"Baby I'm really tired today can we just do cuddly cuddly and go to sleep?" (this is also because man I love cuddling this thingling)

"No mumma tell me a story"

"Arree baba I'm really tired ya... I only have the energy to do cuddly cuddly"

He thinks for a bit and says 

"Mumma why don't you use your cuddly cuddly energy to tell me a story instead?!!!!"

Ok then!

Little Story Two:

So we were watching the Graham Norton show a few weeks ago and Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson performed their new song. 

It’s called “Nothing breaks like a heart” 

So she’s sitting on top of a car and he’s strumming his guitar below while Siddy and I watch them... when Siddy asks:

“What’s the name of this song mumma?” 

“Nothing breaks like a heart baby” 

Silence and then in a minute or two

 “Ya that’s true” he says very matter of factly.

“What’s true?” 

“Nothing breaks like a heart” he shrugs and says.

Now silence on my part! Assuming he’s confused I say 

“But when a glass glass breaks it can break na?”

"Ya mumma but a heart is magical. When it breaks it turns into dust... not like regular things like a chair which just breaks. 

Now its just silence on my part because oh my god... my little baby...  he already knows the heart is magical... damn any girl who comes close to his sweet sweet heart.... Imma gonna kill you!

Wednesday 2 January 2019

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

Looks like I'm starting off this New Year being quite true to myself.

A lost soul!!

Why, you ask?

Well, let's see for the New Year we decided to go off to Lonavala to spend it with my mum, brother, sister in law their munchkin and some friends. We decide to go on the 30th to avoid the traffic of the 31st and come back on the 2nd to avoid the traffic of the 1st.

Sounds all good and right and simple till now?

It is... till we got home!

See we had a great long long weekend... lots of food, lots of drinks, lots of dancing with the kids and the beautiful freezing cold weather...

I come back on the 2nd afternoon and happily message on the school moms chat:

"So guys... school tomorrow huh?"!

After a few seconds my phone pings and I read:

"You're kidding right? School started today!"

I don't respond because I'm waiting for someone to say "Haha just kidding"

Instead I get a lot of laughing and lols!

And I went straight back to my school days in my head... when I had no clue what was going on. I was that kid who almost always forgot her homework, her school books.. my hair was always a mess and I almost always wore the wrong shoes to school!

I say almost always but to be honest it was ALWAYS!!

See I was a lost kid in school and looks like I've grown up into a pretty lost mommy!!

I don't mind it much.... and funnily all the mums were so sweet they were like " I was thinking only of calling you and reminding you!!" to "wow how are you so bindass to actually forget when school starts"

Just like when I was in school and I had friends who would always have my back... the same way these mums did... I had friends who would always remind me of things who would tell me to pin my hair when teachers passed me by... it was awesome... my school friends were easily the best part of my school...

And like they made my school memories great... looks like I'm making Siddy's school memories great... because when I told him - that kid laughed at me for like a full 5 mins!!!

In case you didn't figure - I forgot the bumling's school started on the 2nd!!

Heres to 2019!!!

Sunday 22 July 2018

Man I made this!!!!

I'm pretty sure this happens to all mums at some point or another.

When your kid is sitting next to you or lying down next to you, sleeping even, and you're enjoying this really nice quiet (rare) moment and you look at your kid and think "Man, I made this"

I had this little thing in my tummy a few years ago. His teeny tiny little fingers and toes grew in my tummy. I used to talk to him while he was there... and he would respond with little kicks and punches. And I would feel him move and roll over in there. He was actually a part of my body once.

And now here he is, with this soft soft cheeks, strawberry like pout, eyelashes so long and beautiful.

And you look at every little part of his face, every dot every scratch every pore on his skin amazed.

You study every tiny detail of your baby because you realize he wont be this little baby anymore.

And then your mind will start wandering to his future.

What kind of person will he be? Will be sweet and kind? Will he be a bully? You hope not, you promise yourself you will teach him better.

What kind of friends will he make? Will he try drugs at some point (of course he will but hopefully not to soon and also hopefully in a controlled environment... because yes, you can plan these things!) Will he sneak out of his the house to meet them? Will he race cars with these friends (will you ever sleep peacefully again?!!)? Will he travel with them and have great adventures?

What will his first heartbreak be like?Will he come to you to talk about it? Will he put his head in your lap while he cries because you still comfort him? Will you like his girlfriend? haha... no way already know the answer to that.

What will he study? Will he be more studious than you? Will he be creative? Will you have to fight him to get some kind of degree before he goes off starting bands and playing in clubs? Will you'll have fights over this? Will you'll have fights over his phone bills that you will refuse to pay after he's 20? (18?!!!)

Will he be a typical teenager? Or will he continue to be the sweet kid he is today?

And somedays I think the worst. I think what if these normal everyday things aren't the only thing he experiences?

What if he has to see a war? What if the world goes south and things get bad? I see the world as it is today and it freaks me out so much. I wonder what kind of a future we will be bringing him up in.

I look at his soft cheeks and peaceful eyes, I look at his little hands in my hands... and I wonder... what will his life be like?

And I know one thing for sure.... I will do anything it takes to keep him protected and smiling!

Because be it today tomorrow or 20 years down... he will always and forever be this soft sweet adorable baby of mine.

Wednesday 18 July 2018

Little Stories-6

For anyone who has watched Masha and the Bear- you and I can only be friends if you believe, like I do, that Masha is the naughtiest (in not a cute way) kid in the cartoon world.

From the very first day Siddy put on an episode on youtube I hated her. Her absolute stubbornness, the way she bugs that poor bear... everything! But the kids just love her... In fact Siddy and my nephew watch it and all we can hear is them laughing and laughing away.

So recently when my nephew started behaving extremely naughty, I actually very seriously asked my sister in law to get him to stop watching the series.

And I kid you not, I see a massive change in the kid!

However since little bumling isn't so little anymore and listens to and understands every single conversation Aadi and I have this little incident happened:

We are sitting for lunch and Siddy says "Oh mumma let me watch Masha and the bear no"

And I say "NO. She's a very naughty girl who does very silly things"

"But Papa likes her. you like her na Papa?"

Both of us now looking at poor Papa.


"Papa" me in my don't you dare voice"

"Ya actually Siddy, she really is quite naughty"

"See baby, I told you na she's very naughty. Even Papa thinks so"

"No, he liked her but you did some chattar pattar with him and thats why he's saying all this."

Chattar patter... did this cheeky fellow just imply that I worked at changing his Dad's mind??

I mean he isn't wrong but hello!

Little Story 2:

This is my all time favorite story!!

So have you gyts watched True on netflix? Its a very cute cartoon about a little princess called true who helps fix the world using three magical wishes!!

So one day while watching it I asked Siddy " baby if you had three magical wishes what would you wish for?"

He thinks for a bit and says " I don't need three mumma, I just need one. I wish I had my own didi" (nanny)

Okay then!!! We haven't had a nanny for a few months now... But I didn't realize this monkey was missing having one.

I also said "Baby... me too... even I have only one wish... Its to have a didi in the house but for me!!"

Ha ha ha!!! I guess our wishes are the same... except he wants one to play with him and I want one to keep me sane!!!!

Monday 18 June 2018

The time Siddy didn't miss me :(

I think a big milestone in a kids life is to leave him with his grandparents during his summer vacations... alone.

And we just crossed that.

Siddy is 5. He eats on his own (as in he can, he just loves being fed) he can shower on his own, pick his own clothes and change, tie his shoe laces.... he's a BIG boy.

So we thought this is a good time to leave him in Jaipur. We went to drop him, stayed for a few days.

Two days before we were to leave we started telling him "Siddy mumma papa are going back to bombay and you'll be here with Dadu Dadi. Will you be ok?"

And each time he would happily say "yes!"

We were happy as we had to get back to bombay to settle into our new home.

The day we left we had an 8:00 flight and had to leave home at 6:00. This munchkin wakes me up at 5:00 and says " Mumma, please don't leave me and go. Please take me with you" all in his sleep of course!

*insert sound of my heart breaking*

From then till I got back to Bombay my heart just kept breaking. What was I doing? How could I just leave my little baby? What if he misses me like crazy and can't stay without me?

By the time I get to Bombay he's woken up and already having fun in Jaipur. And he continued to have fun for the next ten days.

While I, in the middle of setting up home, missed him insanely. Even if he did ever miss me, my sweet ma in law never told me... because she knew my heart was already breaking,

And the entire family took it up on themselves to make sure Siddy had the time of his life. Everyday it was about doing something fun! To the point where he would wake up in the morning asking what the plan for the day was!

We even spoke a couple of times... me with a plug in my heart to stop it from bleeding and him- well and him super distracted and desperately wanting to hang up.

Finally the day arrives when he is to come back. The Hubby has gone to Jaipur to bring his cute bum back to me... and all morning I'm sitting ... just going crazy. Really really crazy.... like watching old videos of him kind of crazy! Old like when he was a little new born baby kind of old!

And of course the flight is delayed. By almost three hours. Can you imagine those three hours for me. Pure torture. Because I had cleared up the whole day for him... finished all my work so that when he comes all I would do is hug him.

Finally finally finally they reach home. And this cutie walks in and walks around the house. Well its a new house... he's excited. He goes off to every room saying how much he loves it and how happy he is... all this while completely ignoring me.

When I eventually asked him for a hug... it was one of those half there but not really hugs and my heart just broke.

He hadn't missed me. Not one bit.

This chitkoo of a thing that could't spend a second without me... who would be stuck to me and sleep on me now didn't care.

I cried for two nights because for the next few days he acted like nothing had happened. I actually felt like one of those silly girls whose boyfriends have broken up with them but they still hang out and she can't handle this new "just friends" thing.

Stupid I know... but it really was how I felt. To the point that I complained to my best friend that he doesn't love me anymore.

That my son doesn't love me anymore... how insecure can someone be?!

I actually started doing less with him.. got his dad to take over things I would normally do.

Till two days later when I was watching tv and he just came and snuggled next to me.. No words no nothing... just sat there with his head on my arm, his legs on my knees and watched TV with me.

I swear I froze a bit to not break that moment!!

And thats it... we were in love again!

I honestly thought that this ignoring me bit would happen at 13... so was kinda shocked to see it at five...

But I guess maybe, that was his coping mechanism? Out of sight out of mind.

Of course since then we are back to our usual love hate relationship that Aadi always makes fun of... because literally one instant we are kissing and the next we are arguing...!

Monday 7 May 2018

Interviewing the Little Bumling!!!

Very few things in life are as much fun as asking this monkey serious questions and having him answer seriously!!

This is a fun interview I found online... random but fun!!

Q: What is something I am always saying to you?

A: Lets talk about it!

Q: What does Mumma do for work?

A: Party Planner

Q: How old do you think Mumma is?

A: 15 (woohoo!!)

Q: What do you like doing with Mumma?

A: Painting!

Q: Your favorite food?

A: Pasta

Q: Mumma's favorite Food?

A: Noodles!

Q: Tell me something you find disgusting?

A: Smelly socks with squished potatoes!!

Q: How old do you think Papa is?

A: 56

Q: How strong do you think Papa is?

A: A bit!

Q: How strong do you think Mumma is?

A: more... more than Papa!

Q: What word do you find funny?

A: Dhingarakha!

Q: Who is your friend?

A: Kavir!

Q: Would you prefer to make a home by the beach or in the mountains?

A: Mountains!

Q: How many children will you have when you grow up?

A: 3!!!

Q: How old do you think Dadu and Dadi are?

A: Like... 20 and 15!! 

Q: What do you love buying at the grocery store?

A: Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Q: When you grow up what car do you want to buy?

A: A Ferrari!!

Friday 27 April 2018

Little Stories-5

Little Story One

Post dinner one evening:

Aadi to me: You want ice cream with your mangoes?

Me: What the hell are mangoes without ice cream man?

Aadi to Siddy : Baby you want mangoes with you ice cream?

Siddy: No thank you Papa... I just want the mangoes. Fruits are good for you na?"

Also translate that to : you're just being a fatty mommy!

Sucker upper!

Little Story Two

This baby is really getting big. And smart. Maybe over smart is the word I'm looking for!

So we are shifting homes soon and I really want to have this monkey out of my bedroom when we shift so I'm making grounds that in the new house he has to sleep with mum and not us.

A few nights ago he was being super clingy and wah wah!

I said: Siddy you have to start sleeping with Neneh now... in the new house you are not allowed in our room no matter what.

He thinks for a bit, curls his tiny little body into mine puts his baby hands on my cheeks and said: Ok Mumma but while we are in this house at least let me sleep with you.

We all know where he slept that night and every night since!!

Little Story Three and Four: Warning these are heartbreaking!!!

So Aadi has been in Jaipur for work for a very long time this time. And while I love my little baby boy running around the house pretending to be an avenger or kicking the ball is just not my cup of tea (coffee) thats all Aadi... so obviously Siddy has been missing him like crazy!

Still a few days to go before Aadi returns and I catch Siddy pulling at his eyebrows.

Me: What are you doing?

Siddy: Pulling out my eyebrow so I can make a wish.

Me: ummmmm....You can't just go about plucking your eyebrows baby. And anyway you need an eyelash for a wish

As soon as I said that I realized he might try to pluck an eyelash... but instead he just looked super sad.

Me: What happened baby? What did you want to wish for?

Siddy: It doesn't matter Mumma because my wishes never come true. I wish and I wish that Papa comes back soon but he doesn't come back.

**insert sound of my heart breaking**


So as much as I love my little boy, running around the house pretending to be an avenger or playing foot ball are not things I can do with him... Thats all on Aadi. I'm more of a lets draw or do fun experiments in the kitchen kind of person... which also he loves but not as much as the running around.

So of course he has missed Aadi like crazy these last ten days and every morning he has without fail, asked me "Is Papa coming home today?"

Finally the day arrives before the day Aadi is to come and I happily tell him : Siddy Papa is coming tomorrow!

After much jumping and dancing he says : Will he be here before I wake up?"

Now every morning he's been sleeping in till 10:00 and Aadi said he would be home by 11:00 so I said: No, but he will reach home when you are having breakfast

Looking very upset he says : Noooooo I want him to be here before I wake up. I wont leave the bedroom till he comes home.

Ok crazy kid I thought but said : Lets see baby. And the main thing is that he is coming home right?


Cut to yesterday morning. I wake up at 8:30 and from then on all I can think is "Aadi please come as soon as possible" And I am constantly checking on this monkey sleeping.

9:00 No Aadi but a sleeping Siddy.

10:00 No Aadi but a sleeping Siddy.

11:00 No Aadi but a sleeping Siddy. But now i'm worried... because anytime now I know Siddy will wake up and there ill be no Aadi. Whom I have been chatting with and he is on his way.

Finally at 11:18 ish I hear Aadi enter the building chatting away on his phone, we're on the first floor you can hear everything!!

So I run to the main door, open up and shout out to Aadi to hurry up. Poor guy must have thought something happened... and it had... Siddy had actually slept thru till he came home and I didn't want the magic of that to go for the last few minutes.

Happy ending to this was to watch Siddy open his eyes while Aadi hugged and kissed him awake!!! It was the best sight ever!!!

PS: what is that expression!!!