Sunday, 5 May 2013

To Read or not to Read?!

I read quite a bit.... What to expect when ur expecting and baby were my daily reads... I even had an app on my phone so I was constantly updated... Today your baby is as big as an almond.. Today he's a mango... Today he's a cantaloupe !!!! Wait... What is a cantaloupe ??? Oh my God... What is my baby?!!!!

See it was fascinating initially... To know what the little one was upto.. But somewhere along the way I felt it was all just too much information... And it got more and more confusing and scary... By the time I reached the labor and delivery information I was petrified!!!

Also I feel somewhere, at least on my case, one gets obsessed with the books. Like I would read " this month you will have gum problems, look after your teeth" and invariably I would imagine my gums to be hurting!!!! Also I read by the 16th week you should feel movement... But my little lazy bum didn't move till the 20th and for those four weeks I was constantly worrying "why isn't he moving? Is everything ok? Should I call the doc?" Just not worth it I think ....

So that was another reason I just stopped reading!!!

I don't think you need to go into the details.... skim all the main topics .. if there is anything specifically you think you want to get into only then read it in detail.... and even after that read it and keep it in the back of your mind... don't obsess about it.

Enjoy the experience.. that's what you're going to remember.... not the books!!!


  1. What a fabulous picture ya....little feet! Yup, info overload is our bane now. Too much coming in too fast. We will miss the leaves for the trees..and forget to smell the coffee! Trust yourself a little more....!