Friday, 3 May 2013

First fluttering first nudge

Once you're preggie... You wait and wait and wait for the first movement.... Because up until then the pregnancy is just about the nausea and not feeling good bit.... But come that first fluttering.... Oh my god!!!

Nothing can prepare you for it... U instantly put your hand to your tummy and feel love!

Of course to be perfectly honest .. The first few times you're confused... Not sure if its gas or your tummy rumbling and growling or if it really is the little one... But when you know you just know...

For me I had a few sensations for a day or two... But strangely the night before aadi had to leave for jaipur... I felt a major almost pushing sensation... And I was able to tell him in time so he could feel it too!!!! It was amazing.... The timing of it it especially....:)

Post that, well I had a dancer in my tummy... And the nights would bring out his wild party animal side!!! So much so around the seventh month I was fully interacting with him... He would push from inside and I would push from outside and he would push again!!!! I swear... It may seem unreal but it happened...

And when I'd talk to him or mum would play music for him... He would start rolling around!!!

Some movements would be so strong I could see the shift in my tummy!!!

And he loved the right side of my tummy.... For some reason every morning especially he would curl up on the right side, so my tummy would be lopsided, and sit there for hours!!!!

Such a beautiful experience ... I think these were my favourite parts of my pregnancy!!!!


  1. Depeche Mode was the influencing factor here....and the mantras of course...! Guess he will grow up to be a cool kid...)))

    1. totally ma... he's gonna be a rockstar!!