Monday, 26 October 2015

The only thing you need to know before you have a kid!

The only thing I really wish I had known before I had a kid... Was just how much you could possibly love something... 

I mean seriously.. It's no rocket science that babies give you sleepless nights, dark circles breaking backs... Takes away your social life almost completely ya di da di da.... 

But just the sight of that little face scrunched up in pain or a single (almost always fake) tear rolling down that soft cheek would wreck your heart ... Why does no one tell you that? 

Recently I've been reading all these posts " ten things I wish someone had told me before I had my baby" " fifty things to know before your baby comes" 


There is seriously nothing anyone can say that can prepare you for that kind of love that just takes over all your senses!! 

The rest... The practical things are just that.. Practical things...  

How to sleep your baby, wrap your baby wean your baby... How to keep your toddler active all day or how to keep in quite at "quite time" ...

Every kid is different.. What works for one will not work for another... Trust me... Some babies will sleep thru the night some just won't... Some are happy with one toy some have ADD at one!!! 

You learn on the job... You figure it out... Sure a few guidelines are always good... But stick to the basics.. The absolute necessities... 

Because everyday new types of parenting are introduced... And each one is just some persons way to doing it really..

So my two bits- the only thing you need to k ow before you have a baby.. Is to know that from that moment on of holding that little thing in your arms is the moment you will feel infinite happiness and infinite feelings of protection and love towards that tiny tot... And nothing can ever make you feel like that again.... 

So have one only if you are prepared to feel that kind of intense feeling!! 

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Little Stories-1


Its just me and the pudding at home... he's playing with his car in the living room ... and i'm working at the dining room... he can see me... i can see him....

I need something from the other room... so i got to get it...

next thing I hear is a quick pitter patter of feet and this little thing is now standing behind me, looking very angry and sticking his tiny little finger up at me...

" you cannot do that"

"what baby?"

"you cannot do that mumma"

" what i did baba?"

" you cannot leave childrens in the room alone like that"!!!!

silence.... really did he just say that?

" but i can see you na baba... "

" bad mumma... you cannot leave childrens alone like that" and he walks off disapprovingly!

ok then!!


A friend came over last night to show us his swanky new car... we took the baba down as well...

The friend suggests a drive and we all get into the car...

"lets go for an ice cream drive..." pudding tells my  friend!!!

how does he even know what an ice cream drive is?!!! ha ha... yes i mean we have done this once or twice.. but i didn't realise it had become a thing for him!


I'm bathing the pookie... i have the bucket filled with slightly warm water... pour a tumbler on him and he jumps back... (over actor)

"are you serious mumma... " looking at me with eyes of betrayal..."are you serious you will put hot water on me?

two and a half years people.. he's just two and a half years...

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Advice to friends and family of new parents!

The one thing not to tell new parents is:

"chill ya.. It's nothing.. Don't get so hyper" 

Never ever ever say this to a new parent.. No matter how true it is.. No matter how nuts they are behaving.. Just don't say this.. 

So my brother and sister in law are brand new parents to the most adorable little pookie ever.. 

And I suddenly feel like I've become this seasoned mom.. And in the last few times I met them I noticed I have got into this " oh please it's nothing" thought process every time they get worried about something...

I think as our kids grow and as we start letting things go.. We also start to forget that feeling of having a little baby who is entirely your responsibility... 

I mean yes.. Of course I still do feel responsible for siddy and I worry about every little thing he does and doesn't do.. But since he's bigger now and can express himself.. I have started to relax a little.. 

But I'm also sure that as a new parent I didn't... 

I too.. Like my brother and sis in law.. Wanted everyone to wash and sanitise their hands and would worry each time some one picked him up..  I would ask everyone to switch off their phones... And all sorts of these things.. 

And yet...when I hold their little one and check my phone and my brother tells me anything, I'm suddenly all like " hey I grew up siddy OK na? Then why are you worrying?"  

And I realised today.. That's not good.. To make a new parent feel like their worrying and their looking out for their little pudding is too much.. Not a good thing... 

You have to find a nicer way to do it if at all.. Because while yes, some new parents can go beyond a certain point of logic to look after their kid, most are really just very scared... 

And in their fear they do the best for their kid that they can... And the truth is that they too will ease up in a few months or years.. 

They too will reach where I am today, where my eye is constantly on him but I don't jump every time he falls ... 

So while there are a thousand bits of advice you can give new parents .. My advice to friends or family of new parents is to never make them feel like they are being too protective.. It's the most natural thing.. And it's something that will automatically ease up.. 

Let them grow with the kid.. Like you did! 

A day without diapers!

I think the biggest milestone in a baby's life is the day he goes out minus the diaper for the whole day! 

And we have achieved it !!!


I can't begin to tell you how awesome that is.. All parents of little puddings will get where I'm coming from.. 

No more diapers!! 

But hey.. Let me tell you it's a big big task... And a major commitment on the parents.. And I'll be honest it would not have been possible without my mum.. Who pushed me to start the whole no diaper scene in school.. And at home..

I was truly apprehensive... Read lazy. And forgetful... To take him every hour to the loo, because initially he wouldn't tell us so we had to time it.. And then the few times we were too late and the little accidents that happened.. And I'm talking no 2 accidents!!! 

Ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha!!! 

We've had incidents of susu on our bed on the couch... 

It's been a crazy ride.. Full of talcum powder and steel rulers! 

He still wears one at night.. Because I still don't have the guts to let that one go..!! 

So the first time was actually a fluke.. We were going for a movie.. Shaun the sheep.. And we ran out of the house since we were a bit late.. And I actually forgot to make him wear his diaper.. 

Luckily he passed out mid film and as soon as the movie was over.. He woke up and I rushed him to the theatre loo... 

Post that we've done short trips to my brothers house or a friends house minus the diaper.. We've been ok... 

Also he goes to school daily without one and spends the day at home without one.. And now he pretty much tells us every time he needs to go...

But over the weekend we had a full baby's day out plan.. And we decided to do it diaper less! 

So though we carried a few and a few change of clothes.. We went thru the entire day.. Incident less! 

Started with brunch at the social.. Cookies at sweetish house mafia.. Play time at millk.. And ended it with snacks and a swim at the club.. Every time we reached a place we went to the loo.. Every time we left we went again.. That's the secret.. 

And it was seriously amazing! 

It's an achievement I tell you.. You feel like your baby has finally grown up! 

And its definitely one of those days you have to document.. So here it is! 

Well.. Next step is to chuck the night diaper..wish us luck!!

Friday, 2 October 2015


This is the proof people.... That having a baby is not as time consuming as having a toddler! 

My last post here was on the 8th of sept... It's been nearly a month.. And honestly I'm only writing because I have just started reading Twinkle Khanna's book Mrs Funnybones and midway I realised... God, when was the last time I wrote? 

Too long back... Too too long back... And not like I haven't tried.. There are many drafts.. 

Little snippets.. One sentence to keep the idea ready... One word even sometimes, like pizza party ( ya ya that's two I know... But you know what I mean!!) 

Point is I used to be so regular with my blog when the bumling was just a bumling... Now he's a tumbling fumbling dumpling who's all over the place!! 

My days seem to disappear between him and work and the house and the maids and the little bit of catching up with family and friends.. 

The catching up also seems like a major plan these days... Because by the end of the week there is just soooooo much exhaustion that all you really truly deeply want to do is to lounge... And binge eat and binge watch rubbish on tv... And more of the eating... 

Because week days are mental.... The mornings you're on an a kind of fast forward mode ( post coffee that is) breakfast breakfast brush teeth bathe change lunch dabba lunch dabba one snack here two there water bottles into the respective bags..., Shove tiny feet into tinier shoes ( how quick are those damn feet growing??) wave good bye shut the door and breathe... 

Then it's either straight to work because the coffee and two measly biscuits are going to get you thru the day or have breakfast ( read a quick egg fry) only because crazy coach is going to come to make sure you can't do anything else with your arms and legs for the rest of the day... 

Early lunch.. At 12:30 because you realise you can't survive on coffee and two measly biscuits or because the coach worked that little egg fry out of your system... 1:15 off to pick up the monkey from school..

Now once he's back.. Everything else goes on a back burner... His food his clothes his toys his tv his water his games... His crankiness because he's super sleep but won't sleep and won't let you work or sleep yourself.... Him him him him and oh, did I mention him?!!! 

If I'm lucky he'll pass out ... Just ten minutes before his nanny comes at 4:00... So yayie....! And if not then I get some relief to get back to my work... If I'm not bulldozed by my mum to help her with hers { ;) ;) } 

If he has slept.. He'll wake up by 5:30 6:00 when its too dark to go down and play... So again we will have little cranky pants on hand.. Or somedays he will wake up in a good mood.. And simply play with his nanny leaving me to continue working.. Or blogging or pinning or something to do with my phone or laptop.. 

Then of course it's back to him him him him him time... Post the nanny's end of day time.. So I play with him and feed him and enjoy the potty training sessions we are going thru... !!! 

By 8:30 hubby is back and it's dinner time.. Here I get some major relief but as soon as daddy is home mommy is treated with such indifference I can't tell you!! Which is good sometimes but quite a stab in the heart somedays! 

Ten is in the room time, sometimes 10:30 it depends on his evening nap ( note I didn't say afternoon nap!!!) and hopefully we are passed out by 11:30... I know the hubby is... But not necessarily this monkey... Even post two three book readings .. He still rolls around the bed and tells himself some stories before he passes out.. 

And by then I'm so done with the day .. And to be honest after all the chatting and noise all day, I have no energy to form full sentences .. Especially not with auto correct and this small key pad driving me nuts!!! 

But well here it is .. A story about a day in my life multiplied into everyday... Equalling to a zapped out energy for this adorable blog of mine as well as making any big party plans for the weekends.. Where to be honest you'll find Aadi and siddy and me happily hanging around in the house. Them both playing and me, well, binge eating and binge tv watching!!!!  

When he was a baby I think the routine was simpler... Feed burp watch him while he sleeps... Maybe I'm forgetting .. I don't know.. Fact is.. I blogged more then than I do now.. So well there you have it...  Proof!!