Thursday, 6 June 2013

Time consumed!!!

The funny thing is I can go days without realising it but this little munchkin is super time consuming!!!!

Feeding him (which by the way has started to really go on and on) changing him putting him to sleep and most of all doing super mad things just to see that smile.. Takes up the whole day and more...

 And really it takes me a day or two to realise that I haven't kept my clothes away or I haven't cleared my drawers or kept my shoes inside or any small little chore that I have been wanting to ... No no no.. Needing to do .. Everything just takes a back seat with this kid!!! 

So this poor blog... Ha... It comes about seventh or eighth in my priority list.... Of course when he was really tiny and slept a lot I used to write and save them as drafts and publish as and when I wanted to... But now I have no time to save drafts and definitely have no "as and when i want to" more like "as and when he lets me!!!" 

So yeah... Have lots of fun things to put down about raising a little boy but its going to come slow ....!!!! 

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  1. It is all worthwhile eventually.......eventually;-)