Monday, 27 May 2013

Designing the nursery

Being a pinterest addict... I had rounded up a bazillion baby nursery pictures by the time I was in my fourth month... And most often it's considered bad luck to buy anything for the baby well usually till the 9th month but preferably till the baby is born...

So here I was with, like I said, a bazillion pictures and I couldn't buy anything :( it was horrible...

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But then a friend was coming from Greece... And she said she had seen some really adorable baby stuff could she get some? And my mum said "ya sure"

Green signal for baby shopping!!!!

Also since I was having a baby shower in Bombay and all my friends wanted to get me something for the baby... It didn't seem right to say no ;) ha ha ha!!! 

So I got a lot of baby gifts... But the nursery was still something I had to figure out. 

Once I was back in jaipur I insisted on getting the whole thing done before the baby... I just couldn't understand how I was supposed to arrange everything once the baby was here...

So my super sweet parents in law took me shopping!!! And we got everything... The cot, mattress, a full set with bolsters quilts sheets and a bumper, a few pillows, a new cabinet plus changing station for the baby... Everything nice and white just the way the hubby and I like it!! 

I put up all the gifts my friends gave me... 

And a small little sewing frame made by me... This was the only thing I put thinking it may be a girl!!! Rest all was done in white even though I was pretty sure it was a boy!!

It's no fancy prancy nursery, it's simple and sweet and in my room.... Heck I didn't even use the cot up until now.. The  end of the third month!! 

I would have loved to do a lot more in terms of the designing but I'm really happy with it... 

Also having everything all set up felt good... Looking at all the baby stuff in the room in the last few days was such fun... Imagining the little tot on his or her bed, playing with the toys!!! 

And now here he is happily sleeping in his very own bed!!! 

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