Saturday, 25 May 2013

The delivery

So all thru my pregnancy I was kinda dreading the delivery... I guess most women must...

Yes yes I know it's such a beautiful experience.. The first as a mother and all such.. But get real... The very thought that something that big can come out of something that small... It's just mind-numbing!!!!! 

So when my doc said I would be having a c section I should have been ecstatic but I was freaked.... Freaked because she gave me a date like two weeks later!!!! 

Because the injections I was on all thru the pregnancy had to be stopped, she wanted to get a healthy baby out asap post that.... 

From the moment I left her clinic my mouth just stayed open in disbelief... I had a date of a month later... And now suddenly I was going to have this little baby of mine like NOW!!!! 

Was I ready to even be a mom??? Had I read everything I could?? Would I know how to hold the little one?!!

Nothing made sense the whole day... By the next day I had called every mommy friend of mine pretty much and learned that for some reason or another they had all ended up with c secs... They all calmed me down and said it was a good thing...

And it was... After the initial shock... I realised that now that I had a date I was so much more comfortable... No filmy style rushing to the hospital screaming "my water broke!!" No anxiety of when the time will come... And no labor pains!!!!! 

But still the night before the operation in the hospital I just couldn't sleep... I had the craziest bunch of butterflies in my tummy all dancing to different tunes!!!! 

While I had decided on a partial anaesthesia ... Lying on the operation table looking at all those crazy machines and doctors all around me I freaked out.... 

I figured I'd much rather see the little kitten peacefully as opposed to seeing my tummy being sliced open!!!!! 

So general anaesthesia it was... I was beautifully knocked out... With thoughts only of my little baby... Boy....girl.... I still didn't know!!!!!

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  1. And for the injection-dreader, a c-sec is definitely preferable.... But the prepone was scary!
    Lucky for u we were all just outside the door)))))