Monday, 13 May 2013

Sing along...

As soon as I was happily chatting my baby up... I wanted to sing to him... Not that I have a great voice but still... Some sweet nursery rhymes so I could use them once he was born..... only all nursery rhymes just sounded horrible... I mean rock a bye baby... really??? your baby will fall.. I don't think so!!!

Hush little baby -Now I liked the tune of it .. I used to hum it a lot...but the words not so much, so finally I just add my own words to words, my story, our story more like... I decided to let the little one get to know his mum n dad before he came... so I made up a little remix of the rhyme with Aadi's and my love story!!!
Hush little baby don't you cry
Ill tell you a story 'bout your dad and I
We met at work, at the end of the stairs
That's where it began our whirlwind affair
We laughed and we joked and we fought and we kissed
When daddy went to jaipur each other we missed
So when he got back we decided this was it
In two years time we were happily hitched!
It took me three years to convince daddy for you
Now he's all convinced he's excited too!
So first there were two now there's three of us
This completes my family, oh yes it does!

I sang this to him all the time... and even now I sing it to him.... it would be awesome if he learns about his dad and mum thru this silly little poem!!!


  1. The bacchas have a baccha......!Telling stories and merrily singing away all together!

  2. Awww the poem is just too cute!