Saturday, 27 September 2014

At 19 months....

19 months:

1. Bites into fruits and veggies without caring if they can be bit into! He loves picking an apple and biting into it.. But he can't tell the difference between one and a pomegranate!!!! Today at star bazaar I gave him a tomato and he loved eating it all squishy and juicy!! 

2. Everything must be repeated.... Everything!!! What you say what you do ... Copy cat number one! 

3. He loves water.. He loves filling one utensil then pouring it into another then another then stirring it... He can do this for hours!!

4. He loves his building blocks.. He loves making ' biiiiiiig towers'!! He loves putting them all into his box and then throwing them all out more than anything! 

5. He loves Yash... Yash is our maids son and siddy's best friend. Yash has a history of being the brattiest kid in the world to the point where his mother had to tie him to a bed once to calm him down!! And he is a mouse in front of the bumling... Siddy actually holds him by his neck and walks around the house.. The kid is taller and actually has to bend all the at thru.. but doesn't say a word!!

6. He loves his teacher and his friends at school. He recognises them in photographs by name... Which is kinda awesomeness!! for a little kid to recognise people from their pictures...

7. He loves the iPad.., yes we've given it to him.. He gets it for a few hours a day (scattered of course) mostly when he is eating or is super duper cranky.... We've got some fun nursery rhymes and some alphabet apps... But most of all he loved the mother goose club... Oh god so annoyingly happy they all are I wanna punch them one day!!! 

8. He loves saying big words like Kangaroo and Watermelon... but the cutest is when he says tongue twister (for him) like Gunvant (my mum's tailor) oh man he sounds sooooo cute!!

9. he loves his stuff toys... his camel and dog and kangaroo and especially my mum's monster!!

10. Man does he love his music.... This kid can dance!! Its adorable how much he loves listening to music and dancing... and everything from EDM to Hip Hop to Lungi dance he will shake that bum!!!

At 19 Months he is at his most adorable most fun stage!!!

Loving every minute of it!

Friday, 26 September 2014

My Doggie Rescuer!

How a man treats a waiter says a lot about him.

Heard that one before?

Well how a toddler treats his stuffed toys says a lot about him too...

Siddy has a bunch of stuff toys... and he loves them... he kisses them and hugs them and feeds them

But I didn't know the extent of his love for them till he was gifted a remote control car...

So super excited daddy and siddy are playing with this spanking new red Audi car... and for fun aadi drives the car towards siddy's doggie.

Suddenly siddy goes " Stop Papa" he puts up his hand and toddles off toward his doggie and picks him up..." No No Papa"

He saved his Doggie!!

Another time we were playing with one of those toys, where you turn the screw around for a bit and let go and it whizzes around the house in super jet speed....

so this one was a dino and again for fun we put him on a little table...

Just as he would reach the edge, and before he fell, siddy was say " No No Papa" or "Stop Papa"!!!

That little 18 month old baby boy realised that the car could hurt his doggie, that the dino could fall off the table...  and actually asked his daddy to stop right in time.

Its amazing how sensitive he is.... my sweet li'l bumling!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Feeding the Doll!

I made maggi the other day... I hate maggi...but some days I just get a craving for it.... and I have to have it!!!

So i made it like a friend of mine does... with garlic onion and other fun masalas.

I take my bowl and you know who comes....

"noodle noodle noodle...."

I know maggi isnt the best thing... but I gave him a few strands of noodles in his own bowl...

I have not seen a happier kid!!!

I think it was the texture the sliminess and the fact that he just couldn't get it in his little fingers that kept him mesmerised for about twenty minutes!!!

20 minutes people... enough time to enjoy a bowlful of maggi!!

While all of this was super cute... the cutest thing was yet to happen...

Recently bumling has been bugging me where food is concerned, so while feeding him to keep him entertained I've been play feeding all his animals....

"Now we'll feed Bhu bhu (the dog)" and I'll pretend to feed him and say " Next bite for Siddy"

and he would eat.

So at one point he takes his little bowl of noodles, walks to the window platform where his doll is, yes he has a doll... she's pretty and pink, and he says "Eat"

I'm laughing at this sight and next thing i know he has picked up a strand of noodle and put it on her face!!!!!!

"eat... eat" he tells her!!!

So mumma quickly goes, distracts him and removes the noodle from the poor dolls face and i say

" See Siddy, she ate her noodles"

promptly more is placed on her face!!!

I don't know what I loved the most... the fact that he's old enough to understand feeding someone, the fact that he plays with a little doll so carefully and gently... ahhhh... I don't know but i do know that kids... they do the funniest most heart warming things!

The Bunny, The Snake, The Doggie, The Monkey, The Camel, The Kangaroo.... And what they do at night!!!

Giving the Giraffe some milk while holding on to Alex!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Nakalchi bandar!

We now have a little copy cat monkey on our hands...

Everything and anything you do or say will be repeated! 

It's hilarious more often than not..

Like the time his Dadu said "Dadu ka puddu" and he would repeat "puddu!!!" 

He loves picking the last word of the sentence, what ever it is..

"Dadu ka cutey beta"


"siddy is a monkey"


Fine the last one was what I said to him!! 

Of course some days he picks up the wrong thing... The other day me and his dadi were in the car with him, and I was driving which means a lot of comments and small abuses being hurled all thru..,

At one point mom said "stupid girl" not to me, to this stupid girl who cut lanes without a signal, and next thing we hear is 

" stuuuuuupid" 

It's the cutest sound the way he said it but oh my god!! Trouble! 

Once I was jokingly shouting at my mum and I pointed my finger at her and said "shut up"

And what do you know...

Mister is now pointing his super tiny finger as saying " shaaa aaap"!!!

Uff... I have to be so careful now... For me the f word is a noun, adjective and filler... But the last thing I need is for him to repeat it!!! Especially out in public!!! 

He also copies all things we do... Every morning he sees us having our coffee and dipping our biscuits in it... So now not only does he want to have a biscuit he wants to dip it in my coffee! 

Yes I let him.. Two drops of coffee once a week... He'll be ok...

He loves following Aadi around the house doing what he's doing.. When Aadi wears his shoes he goes for his own shoes... He loves eating breakfast with his daddy simply because daddy is eating and he must copy him!! 

If we eat with a spoon he wants his own spoon...if we eat roti he wants roti.. Rice toh rice... 

The little bumling has even picked up the rather adorable but bad habit of cheers!!! 

We've taken him for a few parties and he loves the clinking of glasses... So everytime he insists on getting his own glass or bottle to clink with every one and when we say cheers he gets so excited!!! 

But all in all it's super fun watching him imitate us and everything we do.... I guess it's his way of learning and it's so damn cute! 

Monday, 15 September 2014

A Mad Day....

Those days do come by ... when you just want to crawl into bed and pretend you have no baby... and no responsibilities...

I've had that day today...

when going to the bathroom becomes impossible because there is this little thing knocking non stop on the door...

when the words " mumma mumma mumma mumma " can pierce into your brain creating a small hole thru which your patience starts leaking out...

when there are tiny arms holding onto your legs so tight you can't move forward or backward and either your food burns on the gas or the bottle you were filling overflows because you just couldn't get there in time..

and you're exasperated and exhausted and annoyed and irritated....

you wish you could go back five years, ten even... and enjoy that reckless relaxed life again... if you could, you wouldn't take a single nap for granted, a single 'alone' moment won't seem dull...

Sipping on your cup of coffee will seem like a dream... not having to plan meals and activities... not having to sniff for potty... not having to pick up tiny toys and books every night ...

not having to be too tired to make spontaneous movie plans and dinner dates..


The last ten days have been madly hectic... with the in laws here... we've been constantly doing something... going shopping or simply taking in the beautiful sea that we take for granted... add to this I had two huge orders to finish... I have not slept in ten days... well ok.. I've slept for 6 to 7 hours each day... anyone who knows me... knows that that leads to a very grumpy alishka... but I couldn't be grumpy... not when the family was visiting... so in all that I had to be happy cheerful alishka... and she's exhausting!!

So of course by the end of the ten days... i felt like i was going to fall down... and then comes the clingy little baby.... ok so he wasn't extra clingy but i felt like he was an extra limb attached to me all day that I didn't really need.....!!

I'm not being mean... I love my kid... he's my sunshine... but i think till I don't catch up on my full sleep... which doesn't look like is happening tonight (its 1:00 already!!) I will be super grumpy and unfortunately that does come out on the pudding....

So i shall sleep...and try to be fresh and cheerful tomorrow.... so that I don't miss the ten years ago alishka too much and I love the eighteen month old baby i have with me!!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

A quick update!

Hey people... Sorry for being so out of it for a while now..

Have had the most power packed action filled last ten days ever... 

Aadi's parents and grandmum have come to visit the little bumling... So all my time has gone in making fun eating and shopping plans with them!!  

Add to that two big project deadlines have happened exactly while they have been here...

So been working at night till two sometimes three in the morning and then spending the whole day with them doing timepass has sort of taken a toll on me.. 

Which is why writing has taken a back seat! 

But the bumling is doing great with all the added attention he is getting.. He loves loves loves his ever loving grand parents and is a total Dada's chamcha... Following him around the house!! 

He has been playing and performing for them like a little doll on a key! It's just been tooooo much fun! 

I'll put up some pics and videos of the mini vacation (if not for my work) that I've been on soon :)

Ps: a quick update on the potty training.. We are now faking wanting to go to the pot simply to be taken into the loo where we immediately start playing with the bucket and water... So well, still a long way to go!! 

Monday, 8 September 2014

At 18 months

Having an eighteen month old boy is like having a small hurricane in the house 24/7 !!! But there are also a few things about him which make me feel grateful he is a big boy now...

Here are my top favorite things about my little bumling at 18months:

1. The way he repeats every word you say. And the more difficult the word the more he enjoys saying it!! While this is awesome in terms of his vocab increasing.. It is also really taxing on me to be careful of what I say.. My vocab needs to be blurred or censored now!!!!! The other day something happened and I said 'stupid you are' and next thing you know mr is happily repeating the word stupid!!!!

2. His love for school! It's the biggest blessing in the world to drop off a happy kid and pick one up too.... He enjoys being around other kids and loves his teachers... Comes home and in his own way tells us what he did in school... For example we were counting the autos on the road and we put up one finger and said ' One auto'.. He does the same and immediately says 'teacher'!!! 

3. The way he plays quietly in the kitchen... Give him two or three big utensils a few spoons and a glass with little water and he is a happy kid..!! I wonder if he'll become a chef!! Ha ha ha ha ha! 

4. The way he understands and relates things... If he sees water spilt on the floor he'll get the swipe from the kitchen and if he sees paper or murmura on the floor he will get the sweeper... The fact that he can distinguish between the two is pretty awesome...

5. His affection... The way he sees me, feels all loveydovey and calls out with his arms reaching out to me "come Mumma"!!!! Who can resist that?!! And oh the hugs and kisses I get when he is inthe  mood.. It's my favorite part of him being old enough to understand love and affection ... It's heart melting!!! 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

It's the small things that matter...

My mum gave him a small bowlful of cheeselings... Which he gleefully carried to the other room.

He placed the bowl down carefully and sat down near the window. 

I had followed him and sat down near him. 

He smiled when he realised I was there, picked up a cheeseling and fed it to me...

Then he took another and ate it. 

It's the small things no..? 

The little gestures like these that make your heart melt!!!  

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Two siddy's .... No way!!!!

So today I walked down the road from my house to get yummy roasted corn with a friend and siddy... The roads were so bad that I had to carry him all the way thru...

He's a big boy now... And super heavy!

At the corn stall, we saw these two cute girls in was wearing glasses but they looked very very similar...and while we were contemplating on that one of the girls told her mum we were looking at them so she turned and smiled at us...

I guess she got this all the time... So I asked her if they were twins... 

'Yes' she said laughing this exasperated laugh!! ' they are exhausting!' 

And we got into this whole conversation of how the first two years must have been and were hell for her... Breast feeding two bumlings and then changing their diapers... Must have been madness!! 

I came back happy with my one lil fellow.. And started thinking what if there were two of him? 

I think I would have lost my mind... Because he is a handful... Running behind him making him stop pulling and pushing and banging and destroying things ... It takes up both my hands and all my mind... 

How do these mommies handle two? And two such connected kids... Regular siblings is one thing but two who have this telepathic connection... Mad! 

So this lady was telling me how one would poop and immediately the other one would too.. How one would get hungry and the other would too!!! 

Well lucky for her one got glasses.. At least she can tell them apart!! Ha ha ha!!

No but seriously... While I am in two minds about having another... I thank my stars that my silly dream of ' have twins... One go and two puddings ' didn't  come true...because now that I have one ... I have the choice of the other!!!

Bless all you mommies with twins!!!