Saturday, 26 December 2015

Talking about adult stuff!

I recently met an acquaintance, let's caller her M, who is also a mum at a Christmas party... It's been a while since we've met.. She has a toddler boy and a 5 year old daughter... 

I was there, with my pudding of course and there was another couple from my side with a kid and from her side with multiple kids... 

All was good and we all got talking while the kids were playing.. 

We caught up on the whole introductions bit .. How we all know each other and common friends and stuff.. And casually the conversation drifted to kids schools.. 

Now most of us had atleast one kid that was roughly the same age and the rest were a few years up and down.. 

School and admissions as most parents are aware is a major topic of discussion... 

We spoke about it for about ten minutes when M suddenly goes... 

" hey can we not talk about schools and admission processes.. Can we talk about something other than the kids?" 

Hmmmm.. Ok.. A little awkward but everyone agrees and we start talking about movies and film gossip... But at some point the conversation goes to the best kids films that have come out recently and what age is a good age to take the kids to a Theater.. 

So miss M once again cuts everyone short and says " can't we just have an adult conversation or does it always have to veer back to something kid oriented?" 

Now everyone was clearly awkward, because yes, sure we would all like to talk about things apart from our kids, have 'adult' conversations.. But has that ever really happened? 

I mean once you're a mum.. Or a parent .. It's just inevitable.. Natural.. A no brainer really... 

You could be taking about quantum physics and a mum can bring her kid into that conversation... 

It's not like we mean to or want to.. It's not like the baby is really the only thing on our mind.. Ok yes in a way they are.. But to be honest for me atleast.. Anytime I find an opportunity to learn something about something that will help me better, or make easier, my parenting life.. I'll take it.. 

What was really odd was that that's the kind of reaction I expect from a non parent.... I also understand that reaction at a bar or dinner place where the kids aren't there.... But at a kids party.. Very tough! 

Once you're a pattern somewhere you got to admit to yourself that almost 90% of your time and conversations and reading and googling will revolve around something to do with your kids... And that that's ok...! 

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Some fun calculations!!

It's been 1011 days today since I had siddy ...  And I just thought about this: 

I must have kissed him around 50550 since he was born keeping 50 kisses a day as an average! 

And 45495 hugs at 45 hugs a day as an average!!  

Been upset with him atleast for 1/4 the time so that's around 252 days... 

Smiled in the day because of him at least 15165 times with around 15 times a day average! 

Laughed with him around the same.... If not more.... 

That's also like 24264 hours with him!! 8088 he's asleep, 3033 he's eating ( an hour a meal 3 meals!!) 

200 days a year in school...  500 days in 2 and a half years that's 1500 hours gone there... 

That leave us with 12000 hours together since he was born!!!! 

Point is I've had this pudding driving me nuts in my life for so long now that I've started doing fun crazy math!!!