Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Photo Studio 07

Come on.... You can just hear him say these things!!! 

By the way to get the proper reference you need to watch these videos of the terrorist puppet... Then this will be funnier!!! 

Alone time!

The best way to enjoy the little one is all alone!!! 

When we are all together no one is sure who he is laughing at or who he is listening to... And each of us wants to hold him or walk with him... When he is in someone  else's arms he looks so cute smiling at you, that you just feel like snatching him up and taking him away!!! 

Our house is a full house... And if you count the servants it's beyond capacity!!! And each of us wants alone time with the little one! 

It's really sweet how in the mornings granny will call for him while everyone else is still asleep so she can make him laugh! 

How Ma will take him to the temple post breakfast... Or rock him to sleep in the afternoons!! 

How dad will enjoy him in the afternoon when Ma is napping and Aadi and I are out... Whispering fun stuff in his ears making him giggle!! 

How Nitinbh will speak to him in Chinese and he will answer him in his gibberish language!!

How Puran will sing him old Hindi film songs!!! 

Even Devi loves the few times I leave her with him alone, during lunch or dinner time... She sings him some really funny Nepali songs!!! 

Back in Bombay, mum would take him in the mornings, so I could sleep, and would play with him rather than read the papers!! 

Akshai would put him on his bed and play before going to work and would come back early to spend the evening with him! 

But Aadi and I... We get a few alone times with him!! My favourites are when in the afternoons we cuddle up to him and put him to sleep and in the nights when he plays and giggles and rolls around in bed before sleeping!! 

My alone alone time with him is in the mornings before the massage lady comes (if granny hasn't taken him!!) and a few mid night feeds he wakes up for, when I get to hold him and kiss him and rock him to sleep... Those few minutes, it's just him and me!! 

There is something magical about a baby that makes you want his full attention on you! 

Friday, 23 August 2013

What should we tell a new mom?

The other day a friend of mine told me she was pregnant and naturally, I congratulated her and told her she was in for a joyride and to enjoy her pregnancy...all good right?

Well what was not so good was that she said that I was the first one to tell her something positive about having a baby... How strange... Don't you think? 

Having a baby is a one of the biggest miracles of life... It's one of those things you get happiness from which nothing else in your life can come close to...

I'm not saying that there won't be sleepless nights and there won't be poop filled diapers and you won't be stuck in the house for a long long time to come... But really? Is that what we should tell a preggie girl? 

I have seen this with marriage as well...all married couples will tell newly weds or engaged couples "oh your life is over now... You will be bound to another person your entire life"

Is that really a bad thing though? To have a person who will be a witness to everything wonderful in your life, and who will be your constant support in days that you need it the most... ?

But no... Negative things are so easy to say... Somehow, maybe if they are not having a great marriage, people say negative things because they have this terrible mentality of 'I have suffered so will you' 

For me, despite the god forsaken morning (read: all day) sickness, the 12 am 2 am 4 am 6 am 8 am feeds, the backaches, the exhaustion... I will still always, always tell mommys to be that being pregnant and having your baby are life altering moments in life.. And that they alter your life for the best :) 

So all you new mommies.. Seriously enjoy your pregnancy and enjoy your tiny little baby curled up in your arms... Because nothing is better than that feeling of being loved by a tiny human ;)

Ps: Sleep... that's the only thing I would tell a new mommy...
Seriously sleep..........you will thank me....!!!

Monday, 19 August 2013

Bum sniffing!!

The only thing I still, after six months, find icky is potty cleaning!!! 

Ha ha!! 

I never really thought about it when I was pregnant... And the first few weeks Aadi fully took charge and handled the nappy changing along with his and my mum.... So the first few times when I took on the task I was gagging!!!! 

And I still do!!

Luckily for us, in Jaipur, we have a maid only to wash his clothes and cloth nappies... But when I went to stay with my mum I had to do it a couple of times.... And I have to seriously say.. A bazillion thanks to the guy who invented diapers!!! Getting poop off cloth nappies is just eeeewwwww!!! 

And as we changed his diet from breast milk to powdered milk to solids.. Oh my god!!! Who knew poop came in such varying colours and smells?!!!! Stop crinkling your nose... You know having a baby means randomly sniffing your baby's bum in public!!! 

It just becomes second nature... You don't even think about it... Hell sometimes I actually hallucinate the poop smell and go crazy sniffing his bum or checking the room for used diapers I may have forgotten to chuck!!! 

These are the days you have to remind yourself how much, just how very much, you love that little bumling!!!! 

Friday, 16 August 2013

Lists: going out bag

Packing the little one's going out bag is an event in itself!!! 

The first few times I invariably forgot something and needed just that when I was out!! Like a plastic bag to chuck the used diaper in, or a cover for his milk bottle!!! 

So here is my rather small but effective list for a few month old baby who isn't on solids yet:

1. Diapers 
2. Wipes
3. Changing mat (I use the quick dry sheer as it folds easily) 
4. Milk powder
5. Bottles- depending on how long I'm going to be out - one or two bottles.
6. Hot water - again depending on how long I'm going to be out and when his last feed happened. If it happened just before leaving I may not need super boiling water however if he ate a while ago and I know he could eat in the car itself i carry really hot water.
7. Covers for the bottle 
8. Bibs, at least two
9. Napkins, small and big
10. A couple of toys- his noisy rattle and a chewy toy.
11. A change of clothes
12. Socks and shoes depending on where we are going.
13. A plastic bag or two to throw the used diaper. 

All if these I try to leave in his bag so that its easier to not forget. But checking and re checking, going thru the list out loud to my husband, just incase I forget to mention something... Every time it's a process!!!! 

I'm sure as he grows older, I'll have to carry more toys and he will have his own preferences then! And ill have to carry his solids, so a few more boxes will be added! 

But as of now this list works for me!! 

This is his take out bag... It's super adorable... 

His dadi got this for him from Hyderabad ... It's super adorable and funnily it's all about the sea and he's a piscean!! 

But I want to switch to this one that my hubby got for me, so that I don't always look like a mommy mommy you know!!!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Bed vs cot!!

I can safely say that this is the first time I have reached Jaipur and felt at home... My bed, my bathroom, my tv!!! Sid's bed, his changing table... Ahhhhhh!!!

As much as I loved being in Bombay with mommy and bro... Something about having your own space is incomparable... 

And Sid just set right in... Luckily the little fellow isn't too fussy... Any bed works for him.. Ac no Ac.. He's ok either way.. As long as he has me and his daddy!! 

But still first night in his own cot and he slept thru the night ... Yippee!!!! 

He more or less alternates between sleeping thru the night and waking up once... Which is good ... 

Having him sleeping in his own bed without kicking me is kinda great!!! I've heard horror stories about babies who get so used to sleeping in bed with you that they never ever get out... And they sleep all over you..

So when I was buying stuff for him before he was born a cot was top priority for me.... everyone said "oh you'll make your baby sleep away from you" (hawwwwww moment!!!) But I was quite adamant....

Because it's not easy to sleep when you know you have a little baby next to you... I body slept with Sid for a month and a half.. He literally slept on me... And then for another month and a half he slept in our bed... Aadi of course kept a few bolsters between them but between Sid and me there were no barriers.. Hence I got minimal sleep!!! 

The cot is the best thing I got... He loves it I love it... It's right near my bed so I can keep an eye on him, but its not my bed... And that makes a world of a difference!!! 

So home sweet home.. And cot zindabad!! 

I'm his Mumma!!

So the other day Devi, the lady who works for us and sits with Sid once in a while if I want to eat dinner with the family, upon my entering the room told Sid "look your mamma is here" and he turned to look at me, took a millisecond and then smiled his super adorable smile!! 

Yup... Not only is he my son but I'm his mamma, and that feeling at that recognition that I got... Wow.. I actually can't define the feeling!! 

Because all this while I kept thinking of him as my son, my baby boy... But never really looked at it as me being his mum! 

A little tot who brings sunshine in everyone's life... For him I am one of the two most, most important people... What a feeling of pride! 

I remember I used to tell Aadi when we met, that I didn't care if girls flirted with him because I knew that he would be going home with me at the end of the night... Similarly when I see everyone going crazy playing with Sid and being so happy around him, I sit back quietly because I know that at night  he is curling up to me and sleeping in my arms...

Because I'm his mumma!!! 

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Now I sing!

Ever since I got pregnant... I started singing! 

I am a terrible singer.... I really can't hold a tune to save my life... But with my munchkin I happily sing ... Good voice, bad voice ... In tune or way off.. It's all good..

Earlier i sang to my belly... My own silly songs... Today I sing to Sid ..and not just songs... I end up singing random things.. Like when i'm talking to him telling him things like "we are going to change your clothes" it becomes " we are going to change your clothes, change your clothes, change your clothes" sung to the tune of London bridge!!! 

Ha ha!!! 

And he loves it!! Anything I sing to him he laughs and laughs and laughs!!! It's super adorable! 

The only downside is that I actually end up singing everything in my head now!!! I even sometimes sing things to Aadi!!! The poor guy is traumatised I'm sure!! 

Here's another song I made up and sing to Sid... I make them up in bits and parts and a lot has to do with him and aadi and me so it's super personal :) 

You are my cookie bird and I am your mama bird,

You are handsome you are nice,
You make everyone look at you twice,

You are my cookie bird and I am your mama bird,

You have a shy smile just like your dad,
Gonna drive all the pretty girls mad,

Cuz You are my cookie bird and I am your mama bird,

You have a temper just like your mum,
Get rid of it or ill spank your bum! 

And You are my cookie bird and I am your mama bird

I'm am yours and you belong to me,
You and I, we are family :) 

You are my cookie bird and I am your mama bird!!! 

You should see his smile when he heard this song....!! 

The things we do to make out babies laugh.... Ha ha!!! 

Photo studio 04

                      Still in love!!!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Bombay was

Bombay was:

Colorful so so colorful

My first:

Travel by flight
Roll over
On tummy chilling
Cupcake frosting!
Parle g
View of the ocean
Pair of jeans and t shirt
Long distance drive to Pune
Screaming match! 
Romance with the swing
Bombay monsoons
Kiss from a girl 
Party (baby shower)
Late night dinner with mommy daddy and friends
Langar at the gurudwara 
Time sitting on a Vardenchi! 

Missing Bombay.... Missing Nani and mammu.... And everyone else who came a visiting!!!