Friday, 18 November 2016

But Mumma You'll be all Alone... :(

My last post here was in June... that is really really long back... !!!

Like I said once earlier... this kid is growing too fast and I'm really finding it crazy tough to put it all down... he's talking non stop now... well... for a while now!

But today... today was just an exception.. because today he blew my mind!!!

After what feels like years I was getting a night off tonight... yup.. as of right now I'm sitting sipping Dia ... eating chinese ... watching non stop TV and typing away on my laptop... without having to think of anything or anyone.... and its a very unreal feeling.. I keep waiting fro the bumbling to come out of the room or to find him curled up on the sofa with me...

But he isn't here and neither is Aadi or Mum... everyone's out!

And I'm chilling!

But this thing that blew my mind... this is it...

As I was saying bye to the bumbling, who my mum has taken for the night to my brother's place and they were dropping the hubby to the airport... He suddenly turned back looked at me and said
"But Mumma you're not coming?"

"No baby I have some work so I'm going to stay here" I said doing a little dance in my head!

A moment of silence and he says

"But you'll be alone"

My moment of silence. Have you ever been stumped by a three and a half year old?


Me too...

And this isn't where it ends... I spoke to my mum later and she said that he was really very upset about me being alone that he cried about it in the car till they told him two friends of mine were coming home. Finally he was ok... because now momma wasn't going to be alone.

By the time he reached my brothers house, and mum thought he was over it he asks her...

"You think mummy's friends have reached home by now"

Oh my melting breaking heart!

This home alone no baby hubby or mommy night has suddenly become one where I'm feeling all kinds of mushy thinking about my little baby boy!!!

You know just the other day he was very very tired and sleepy and he came to my room crying...I tried to make him feel better and asked him why he was crying... and he goes

"I'm getting too big... soon I won't fit in your godi"

And he was seriously upset about this...

My God... I always thought I would be the overtly sensitive one in this relationship... but more and more.. its looking like its him...

It heart wrenching though to think of how big he's going to get... and really how he isn't going to fit in my godi!

But if he's going to care so much for me like this when he grows up... then I must be doing something right!