Friday, 30 December 2016

Playing with the little one!

So there are two things I notice I do when I'm playing with Siddy.. one is when we are playing something like drawing things or making things or even like blocks.. I compete with him! 

Yes I said it.. I compete with my almost four year old... and I'm very serious about it somewhere in my head!!!! 

Like I'll try and make the taller block building... or draw like a very realistic aeroplane... ( which is quite rubbish by the way.. but it's better than his half bird half god knows what plane!!!) 

So today we were using his kinetic sand and some moulds to make things like elephants giraffes and food things like grapes and bananas.. and I made like five things while he struggled with one.. and I was so happy!!! Can you imagine that!! My silly inner 6 year old was doing little glee jumps!!!  

And the other thing I do is run out of patience!! Like if I decide actively not to compete with him it basically leaves me sitting and watching him try to do something and it drives me up the wall!! 

I mean how difficult is it to find the open end of the marker cover each and every time? But no.. we will always first try the shut end and then keep hitting it till it dawns on us that it's the wrong side!!!! 

Or this sand game today.. he took like ten minutes to shove some sand into the mould then he turned it over the sand fell out, so he did it again finally got it turned over correct .. then he realised it was upturned on a pit of sand so how will it form? then he dug away the sand from around his mould... oh my god!!! Ten minutes of my life that are never coming back!!!! 

Did I tell you I loved playing with him? Because I love playing with him!! 

My Crazy Eyes!!

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Relationship Problems!

I fear for Siddy's girlfriends...

Yup... you read that right... already seeing him and how he is..I worry for them!!

So the other day me and Siddy's best friends mum went to get the kids from school... his best friend is this very cute little girl....

Now we are sitting in the auto and for some reason that day there were lots of cranes and excavators and dumpster trucks on the road and siddy was having a blast watching them drive by, and for little nikki she really wanted to chat with him... So she kept trying to engage him in conversation about random things like what happened in school, about some new show she was watching on her iPad... but this fellow was just not responding!

after a point she got really annoyed and she complained to her mum and me
" Siddy is just not listening"

So I tried telling him "Siddy, Nikki is telling you something. Don't you want to talk to her"

No response...

So little Nikki again says, now very upset " Siddy you're just not listening to me"

Mister turns to her and says
"Arre Nikki you talk I'm listening"!! in the funniest sort of way.... like some 45 year old man who has been nagged by his very gossipy wife for years to listen to him and he was just fed up!!

The poor girl didn't know how to respond while me and her mum just burst out laughing!!!!

I think both if us were just reminded of the times we chatter non stop with our husbands who pretend to listen to us and how they would have responded in the exact same manner!!!!

Hilarious kid!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

To be or not to be!!!

So I'm not a very spiritual person.. ok wait... I'm not a very religious person.. spiritual maybe at some level... but not one of those who talks of her beliefs and revelations to the whole world...

And Aadi and I both are like this... so we were pretty sure we wouldn't put any thoughts of God and religion on Siddy when we was young... we want him to find his own story and his own beliefs...

However in his play school they had yoga as a subject which I thought was pretty cute! He would come home and show us all these poses he had learnt... that tiny little body of his (he was 2.5 when he learnt it) twisting and turning in funny ways!

They even taught him to pray, when he reached school, before food at the end of the school day.

Even the new school does the praying bit... so he know of God.. the concept of him may not be clear... but he know of him... Of course his biggest question regarding God is " Why can't he bring the dinosaurs back?"!!!

And then I have to go into the whole, they are extinct explanation... "what is extinct"

they don't exist any more " what is exist "

ok baby they don't live any more "what is live"?!!!

Yikes...I don't think i asked my parents such existential questions at 3.5... heck i don't think I asked at 12 or 15 either... I just took things for granted... people are born and then they grow old and then they die...

"what is grow old?!!!"

And of course they whole

"God made the trees?"
 hmmmm yeah sure

"God made the mountain?"
yes yes he did

"God made the road?"
 ummmm no the contractor who got the contract did...
yes God did it!!"

Its adorable their concept of the earth and everything in it... of the universe and the planets and the stars... everything that isn't reachable to them it is... and everything that is stable and standard just isn't!

The whole point of this very heavy blog today was because of course he did the cutest thing!
The other day while chilling in jaipur in the midst of rolling around nd jumping and being hawk eye and iron man and hulk and king kong... he suddenly decides he has to meditate.

yup meditate.

He tells his Uncle "Now i have to meditate"

and then he sits down crosses his legs, puts his hands on his knees facing upward, closes his eyes and chants Aum three times!!

this little tingly pungly bumling of a baby... decides he must meditate mid playing!

then the opens is eyes and start being hawk eye again!!


As I am curious what kind of a person he will be as he grows up... what kind of friends will he have, what will he study what kind of music he will like... I am just as curious to see what his spiritual journey will be like...

Friday, 18 November 2016

But Mumma You'll be all Alone... :(

My last post here was in June... that is really really long back... !!!

Like I said once earlier... this kid is growing too fast and I'm really finding it crazy tough to put it all down... he's talking non stop now... well... for a while now!

But today... today was just an exception.. because today he blew my mind!!!

After what feels like years I was getting a night off tonight... yup.. as of right now I'm sitting sipping Dia ... eating chinese ... watching non stop TV and typing away on my laptop... without having to think of anything or anyone.... and its a very unreal feeling.. I keep waiting fro the bumbling to come out of the room or to find him curled up on the sofa with me...

But he isn't here and neither is Aadi or Mum... everyone's out!

And I'm chilling!

But this thing that blew my mind... this is it...

As I was saying bye to the bumbling, who my mum has taken for the night to my brother's place and they were dropping the hubby to the airport... He suddenly turned back looked at me and said
"But Mumma you're not coming?"

"No baby I have some work so I'm going to stay here" I said doing a little dance in my head!

A moment of silence and he says

"But you'll be alone"

My moment of silence. Have you ever been stumped by a three and a half year old?


Me too...

And this isn't where it ends... I spoke to my mum later and she said that he was really very upset about me being alone that he cried about it in the car till they told him two friends of mine were coming home. Finally he was ok... because now momma wasn't going to be alone.

By the time he reached my brothers house, and mum thought he was over it he asks her...

"You think mummy's friends have reached home by now"

Oh my melting breaking heart!

This home alone no baby hubby or mommy night has suddenly become one where I'm feeling all kinds of mushy thinking about my little baby boy!!!

You know just the other day he was very very tired and sleepy and he came to my room crying...I tried to make him feel better and asked him why he was crying... and he goes

"I'm getting too big... soon I won't fit in your godi"

And he was seriously upset about this...

My God... I always thought I would be the overtly sensitive one in this relationship... but more and more.. its looking like its him...

It heart wrenching though to think of how big he's going to get... and really how he isn't going to fit in my godi!

But if he's going to care so much for me like this when he grows up... then I must be doing something right!

Friday, 24 June 2016

School in the monsoons....

So school is not going exactly the way I had imagined it... I thought he would simply take off like he used to at kangaroo kids... but I guess I forgot that its new kids, a new environment and mostly and most importantly new teachers...

Its funny how attached the kids get to their teachers... and mine was a total teachers pet in his earlier school.... and well not to sound presumptuous... but I think because he was a kinda cute kid the teachers also used to be quite taken up by him...!!!

Also by the end of two years he was so comfortable there... that he used to want to go everyday... and its funny but I think I've forgotten how things were when I had just admitted him... Did he cry a lot, was he too quite... did he throw a tantrum... I really don't remember...

Actually I think he was too small.. so he didn't care much... there were new toys, cars, slides, kids and teachers who loved he went in quite happily...

But now its a whole different story... now he understands things... He understands that he isn't the centre of attention, that he has to do as told, that now he's a big boy and I don't think he's appreciating it that much!!

The real reason though I think he's to enjoying much is because of this weather... Its lovely weather, don't get me wrong and we really could do with the rain... but I think my little sunshine kid is getting rather gloomy in this gloomy weather... and he's not being able to snap out of it :( poor chap!

Well, the school is great, the teachers are really nice too... and the monsoon will go away soon... so I'm really hoping he starts to enjoy his school soon....

Monday, 6 June 2016

A New Milestone... BIG BOY School!!

I know this post is coming up after a really long time.... but to be honest, it's been really tough to document the last few months... little bumling is fast becoming a big boy and I'm just not being able to keep up!!!! 

In fact today I write because we have reached a new milestone in our life... and I absolutely have to put it down! 

It's official, Siddy now goes to a big school!!! 

Its a big deal people!!

Last year for a few weeks, I did the whole visiting of each school to check which was the best, called friends and friends friends to get 'honest' reviews.... but to be honest, I was pretty sure it was going to be one of two... Jamnabai or Besant Montessori. 

Now everyone tried freaking me out about the fact that Besant is only till the 5th grade, what will you do post that... run around for admissions again... and so on... not realising that that was my reason to choose it in the first place. 

The fact that the school is for kids of that age, means it will give them undivided and age specific education from day one. Also hey, who knows where we're going to be in the next 7-8 years.... anything could happen! 

So Besant it was!

Since the day we got the admission, I've been getting him excited about the new school, the big school... !

So all summer whenever someone would meet him and ask him "Which school do you go to?"

"I went to Kangaroo Kids, but now I'm going to go to Besant Montessori!!!"

Needles the say, the person was too shocked to ask anymore questions!!

Come a week before school starts, we're talking about it and he says 

"Mumma will Nikki be there"

"yes she will.. and shanayah also will be there."

"hmmm and prayansh and leo?"

"No love, they will be going to another school"

"hmmmm, ok Mumma please tell the teacher that I have to make new friends here ok"

Ok then baby boy all of three years old!!

The morning of the 1st day of school, he wakes up pretty early and easily, not the dramatic morning I had envisioned... 

Aadi was dropping us off to school and during the drive I suddenly notice he's smiling at himself... First I thought maybe someone in the car next to us or something so I ask him..

"Who are you smiling at baby?"

"No one....I'm smiling because I'm excited I'm going to Besant Montessori!"

Oh my big big boy!!!

The school was amazing! Everything I thought it would be... simple , warm and fuzzy.... the teachers were so welcoming, of the kids of course but us too... It was only an hour long class today. 

I sat with him for about 10-15 mins, that too because in his group the mums of the other kids were sitting, but slowly I started moving out and he was ok with it! He was just so happy with all the new puzzles and activities he could play with!

In fact, when they came out to play outdoors, where we were, I saw him come out, first in line with the biggest smile I have ever seen!!!

I'm so glad with my decision of this school and looks like he is too...

Post school a friend and I decided to treat our little ones to a yum dessert, and of course down strong coffees ourselves, for surviving day one!!

Well, its been two and half hours since we've been home and since he's been passed out!!!! 

Big Boy school has obviously been tiring for him!!! 

Monday, 11 April 2016

Smarty Pants!!!!

So little siddy is fast becoming a super smarty pants. Here are a few instances:

1. We are stepping out to watch jungle book... Obviously not taking him... But we haven't told him where we are going.. So he comes to me and says " Mumma can I come with you?" 

" no baby..we are going to a place where there are only big people" 

" so no children are there Mumma?"

" no baby" 

Thinks...." Ok Mumma...if there are no children it's ok... I'll stand with you" 

Ok then! 

2. We are at a fancy restaurant having lunch... My two boys are dressed up all cool with their hats... Suddenly cookie comes to me ...

"Mumma I want to sit in your lap" 

I was in much need of space because I was starving and couldn't really deal with a chipku! 

" no baby.. Sit with your daddy na"

" no Mumma..with you"

Husband also tries..." Come baby sit with me..."

"No Mumma..." And now he's reached full rondu voice!! 

So I try something new " baby you're wearing your hat and papa is wearing his hat .. Why don't you two sit together... The hat boys can sit together.. Yayie!!!" 

Looks at me... Looks at his daddy.. Considers this new perspective... 

Removes his hat..." Now Mumma can I sit with you now?"

How can i say now?!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, 20 March 2016

Doing something right!

Nothing is better than a compliment... But the one that surpasses the "you look so good" " you've lost so much weight" " your work is really nice" is

" you've brought up siddy so well" "siddy is such a well behaved kid" 

Now I know.. Siddy is the worlds biggest nautanki kid... He has his moments of tantrums and fake cries... And there are days he just won't listen and will do the exact opposite of what I tell him...

But for some awesome reason.. He's a gem in public!!!! 

He listens.. He doesn't shout.. Doesn't run like a crazed lunatic... Doesn't destroy things... It's amazing!

Yes yes.. It's not a random reason.. He has been taught well.. By my husband, my mum and me...

But still I feel most kids, despite being told and taught, tend to forget it all when there are people around.. Our man is the opposite.. (Till now at least!!!) 

He says his thank yous and pleases... And excuse mes... And all in all acts like a little gentleman! 

And of course by using words like  " that ferocious lion" at three, he manages to totally charm people!!! 

We do work hard at making him the way he is... (I'm sure most parents do but I think between the three of us we have managed to find that magic combination) like Aadi will always read him books and teach him new words and he'll never shy from teaching him big words thinking he won't get it... And so siddy learns more big words everyday and he tends to use them in sentences! 

Mum teaches him about birds and trees (no not bees!!!) and she has this way of disciplining him with a certain firmness that I just don't have.. I go straight from cuddly wuddly to crazy mommy...

Also she manages to stop his bottle feeding, diaper wearing and all in all making him grow up one step at a time and at the right times!! 

And me.. Well I add to his awesomeness by being super awesome!! Ha ha ha!!! 

To be honest I don't know what I do right.. I just know that while I give in to a lot, I also take a strong stand for a lot.. And I try to balance teaching him things and having fun and mixing it all up together... 

It's working, it's all some how working.. Because just last week .. I had two friends... One who has a ten month old and has been on one too many play dates with really naughty kids , and one who has no kids but has seen some pretty badly behaved ones... And all they came back and said was how lucky I was to have such a good and well behaved and adorbale little boy... 

And each time I got flashes of his fake crying and "no i won't put my toys away" ... But when they narrated some of the stories.. I realised.. Nope my kid is kinda sane... !!!! 

So yup! Here is to doing something right... Cheers Aadi and mum...!!! 

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Am I forgetting something?

Ever had a day when you have a hundred thoughts running through your head... and by the end of the day you're pretty sure you've forgotten something.. And you're too exhausted to figure it out but your brain won't let you stop thinking?

Here are a few questions going thru my head, pretty much on a daily basis!

Did I ask the cook to make the poha?
Did I send the email to client A?
Did I look for my single punch punch?
Did I reply to that friend's message? I know I read it..
Did I download all my camera pictures to the laptop?
Did I order the bread?
Did I order the jam?
Did the cook make a salad?
Did we eat bhindi yesterday or last week?
Did I keep the new prints I got in a safe place?
Should I start making the party cap order I've got today or can i wait till tomorrow?
Have I got an approval on the design?
Did she like design one or design two? This is when I start to scroll through 100-200 messages to find out.
Did I put my bag in my cupboard?
Is my wallet in the bag thats in the cupboard or in the one that is out.
Did I drink enough water?
Did Siddy drink enough water?
Did I check Siddy's handbook?
Did I give Aadi a fruit for a snack?
Did siddy eat any sweet today?
Really did I send that mail out? Double triple check!
Did I find the felt fabric I've been looking for all week?
Did I call friend A and make a plan?
Should I call friend A and make a plan?
Does Siddy have an off in school tomorrow?
Does he have a special day where I have to make him into something?
Do we have any veggies for the cook to make something?
Should I just make egg curry again?
Do I really have the time to sit and watch this show?
Should I start working on that presentation now?
I know I've not taken that vitamin today.
Did I give Siddy his supplements?
Did I brush his teeth????
Do I have to go to the printer right now or can I push it to tomorrow?
Should I clean my cupboard out or should I clean siddy's toy cupboard?
Should I just sketch this afternoon?
Did I return that relative's call from last sunday?
Did I do what I promised person A B C D E F ...... XYZ????
Did I get anytime to relax today?
Did I even breath?
Did I sit down?

Oh my god what am I forgetting?

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Making friends as a Mommy!

I can literally count my friends on my fingers... I have very few... some since I was three and some I made last year... a few nuts who have been there thru a lot and a few only for the fun times... a few i meet often and a few that I meet once in a while but we manage to pick off right from where we left off..

And its great, mainly because I have really poor social skills and add to that my insane lazy streak... I can easily manage catching up with these friends...question is can I handle more?

Well it never would have been a thought till I had the bubba.... because once you have a bubba you realise he needs other bubbas... and for that you need to know other moms who need a bubba for their bubba... and herein starts the whole search for a new friend...for you, for your bubba and sometimes even the daddy's get roped in!

You can make these friends anywhere... from mommy groups on facebook to the play school you send your kids to... the park, of course is a great place to make a mommy friend as is the indoor play areas.

What I have realised is that its very very tough to do this.

I've had a few hits and misses with these new mommy friends...

Some were hits and misses on bumling's part and some on my part....

I mean its not like school or college where you have similar tastes in subjects or the lack of it that binds you... or similar music or lifestyles.... Between the ages of 12 to about 22 its very easy I think, to make friends... you can make friends on the most random things...But when it comes to mommy friends a lot of things matter...

Even, if not especially, your mommy methods... do you breastfeed does she breastfeed? Do you like taking your kids to a fancy shmancy indoor play ground or do your kids jump in muddy puddles? Do you think play schools are good or are you a homeschooler.... and the list is pretty endless....

I remember this one mommy friend i made thru one of these mommy groups... and co incidentally she ended up living very close to me... So we decided to meet... Her boy was a few months older than mine... and quite boisterous and energetic... and mine was and still is super quite...

Pretty much on the first meeting, when we took the boys to the park to play and hers was happily swinging the cricket bat around while mine didn't even know how to hold one, she started telling me how she was going to make him a cricketer in no time.... and what really well, bugged me, was her husband who accompanied us on our play dates also kept telling me the same thing...

"Oh don't worry we'll make him rough and tough like our boy" "Oh don't worry he'll also soon be playing football and cricket like our boy" "He'll eat as fast as our boy" "He'll run as fast as our boy" and that's when I knew I needed to take my kid as far as possible from their boy and them!

Maybe they meant it in the nicest way... but its just not my thing. I am a strong believer of each kid has his or her own journey and path to get to their milestones.... and in nothing have i ever pushed siddy to accomplish and I sure wasn't ready to let someone else decide..

In the last two years we have tried and tested several mommy kid sets... like I said sometimes the kids were not siddy's age or temperament and sometimes the mother wasn't mine!!!

During all this i realised that making friends was getting incredibly tough at this age... I have less patience with people... I don't have the energy to really keep in touch and keep up... I can't do whatsapp group chats... I would rather binge watch tv and eat chips and drink chilled coke than dress the kid up, dress me up and go to a "fun" place to get the kids to play while we "chat"!!!!

I needed mommy friends who would be happy to do that  kinda binging with me while our kids played next to us....

Finally after much trial and error, I noticed a mum from siddy's school whose daughter looked like such a cutie pie... and the mum looked like someone I could relate to, some one who had this creative streak about her... you can tell by the bag, the kurti, the bun hair... so i decided to strike up a conversation....

Over the next few weeks, we chatted and planned a play date...

Its very much like dating... you know... you message... then you wait for them to message back...You don't want to send too many messages, you don't want to scare them off... you're not sure if you should send that facebook friend request... are super happy when you get one from her... Next thing you know there are messages going back and forth every week, then everyday... You'll are catching up for play dates and then just the two of you for coffee... the conversations have moved from the kids and their schools and paediatricians to your work and husbands and where to shop....and suddenly you'll are friends! Yes we do talk about our husbands !!

Now that the kids are fond of each other and you'll are fond of each other... the next step of this relationship is to add your husbands to the mix..

This is the most dicey... because this can really just go two ways... they get along or they don't.

Though honestly, unless they really absolutely can't stand each other..... its ok either way...because say they simply don't get along, then you two can go on being just mommy friends... but if they do.. well then you have family friends!!!

Luckily for us, our husbands got along just fine... and now its great... We can actually go out for dinners and not worry about how to entertain the kids.... !!

Earlier there would be times we would take the kid to dinner and we would come back home and realise the only conversations we have had were about the kid or with the kid.... But now when we go with this couple who has a kid... And we can actually talk about grown up things while the kids play around the table!

So while this whole making new friends at this age thing is really one heck of an experience... I think somewhere, like most things, we have to do it for the kids.... Its important... for us and for the kids... because after you have kids you suddenly realise there is only so much you can do with your friends who don't have kids... leaving aside the fact that there is only so much they will do with you after you have a kid!!!!!! And you realise its very difficult to entertain a kid for a long period of time... But when they have company thats their height and age... it just so much easier!

It takes time and some effort on every ones part, but i think when you find the right mommy baby (sometimes daddy) set... weekends can be a whole lot of fun!!!

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Not that kinda mother...

So tonight we were eating this yum dessert my mum made... Crumbled plum cake with orange jelly, fresh strawberries and cream...

This was his first real taste of jelly.. He's had it as a baby but I think the whole yumminess of it just registered... So that's all he had... 

He combed thru all the cake and strawberries and cream and only ate the jelly.. 

Once it was over in his bowl he asked for more..

Laughing, I removed some from the main bowl and gave him more..

Then some more...

And some more...

Till it was over in the bowl...

But mister still wanted jelly...

I tried convincing him to have some cake and then I would find him some jelly.. 


Only jelly Mumma...

Point is the only jelly remaining was in my bowl... And I wasn't ready to share. 


Not going to do it.. 

Yes he's three and I'm.. Well a bit more than three... But I'm not sharing my jelly.. Or cookie ... Or cake .. Or chips ... Or juice... Or anything that I am enjoying... 

I remember as a kid, as most people my age will, my mum not taking that extra bit of chicken or telling us how she loves the neck piece... Or the end slice of the bread... Or some other non sensical sacrificing thing like that...

And I was and am pretty sure that that's not the mother I'm going to be. Not that there is anything wrong with that... but you know what i'm saying....

Yes I will make him and get him yum things to eat... Yes I will give a good helping of it too...but no I will not let go of my piece for him... Hell, not for anyone... Atleast not unless I really want to..

There are days I have done that.. Not just with bumling but with the hubby too... 

But I only do it if I want to.. Like really really want to... Not because I feel like I should.. 

I'm sure he'll grow up loving me just as much if I don't give into his every wish.. If I don't give him my last bite... as much as i know that he will learn to be happy with what he gets like in life... its a lesson learning thing people!

Friday, 26 February 2016

Three years and counting!

Three years old..
He's finally turned three...

It's incredible, that means I have had this adorable lovable goofball in my life for three freaking years... ! 

It's a very unreal feeling.. He looks like a baby talks like a grown up .. And yet somedays he looks like a grown up but curls up in my arms like a baby... 

His hands are still tiny but he's learnt to cycle.. His lips are still super small but he jumps off the sofa with no fear... 

I know I know it's super senti and super cliche to go back to the day he was born but oh my god.. The day he was born he was a little ET...! Tiny scrawny tied up tightly in his swaddle... 

All he knew was me.. ( and his dad) but you know essentially me... Since he was drinking off me sleeping on me... Stuck to me! 

Helpless little thing.. ! 

And today he's this super confident kid with a great vocabulary, quite independent too..he loves being fed and put to sleep.. But wants to now pick his clothes and has very strong opinions on a lot of things! He loves to play alone and never really gets bored....

It's been amazing to watch him grow... To see his personality develop and to see him become his own person... 

And he's grown up a good kid.. He's polite and well behaved and yet he has this naughty streak to him which, while it drives me nuts, it's quite adorable..

We have our moments of sheer madness... Which is basically me getting rather mad at him..!! At such a young age he knows my buttons and doesn't fear pushing them... Clicking my keyboard, shifting my tv channels, saying potty or sleepy right when I sit down with my food... Oh he knows how much these things bug me.. But will he stop? Hell no! 

And then post my screaming either he will become all cute and adorable and 'I'm so sweet how can you hate on me?' Or he will get all pouty and teary eyed and will crawl into my lap only!! 

In both situations he gets his way!!!

The best part is, he has seriously taught me to have a lot of patience.. I know I know... People who know me will be like.. Really? This is you being patient?

You should have met me three years ago...! 

I also have tamed my temper... Very very much tamed it! 

And I have learnt to work thru anything... Noise, chaos sickness,day night afternoon .. In breaks of half and hour to ten minutes... Everything... And anything... 

There is nothing I can't do.. And that's something I have learnt about myself post my little kiddo.. I can juggle everything and everyone and maybe I'll be exhausted and tired and finished.. But I can still do it!!! 

All in all its been great fun having him around... He's been my reason to laugh and cry and push my self and laze around all in one!

My little Superhero!!!

Thursday, 11 February 2016

The Pizza Party!

This is an old post thats been catching dust in my drafts folder....

Tonight we had a pizza party!

And who's idea was this? 

My two and a half year olds!! 

What did I know at two and a half? Certainly not that I could ask for and get a pizza party.. Heck.. I doubt I knew anything about the existence of pizzas!!! 

Randomly once or twice in the week he has mentioned wanting a pizza.. Like one day the grocer rang the bell and he went " pizza is here pizza is here" Another time he just straight up asked for it... 

So come Saturday night we decide to call for some...

He was so excited when we told him we were having pizza for dinner... 

When it came I cut a slice into little pieces and gave him a glass of juice to go with it... It was over in minutes! 

No fuss... No pushing shoving bribing... The plate was spotless... !!! He even asked for more! 

Why can't all meals be like this?

Monday, 8 February 2016

Story telling

The boy got into the dinki car and he went in the forest. He asked the lion to come for a drive with him. 

They drove... Vroom .. To the market... They bought the apples. And the little boy opened the dicky and put the apples in it. Then he shut the dicky... And he opened the car and the lion and he went for a drive to the forest.

Sunday, 17 January 2016


Confidence is not something you can teach... Especially not to a three year old... So it's kinda awesome when you're three year old displays some kick ass confidence... 

At a building Christmas party there was a guy wearing a Santa cap... Siddy saw siddy wants! He asked me first.. And because I didn't know the guy I told him I can't ask for it.. Then I said " but if you want it you ask him for it" he thinks for a second walks up to Santa guy and straight up asks him for his cap... 

Out of sheer shock at having a random three year old kid asking him and the fact that random three year old is super adorable and the fact that the super cute girl he was with was watching, he handed over his Santa cap to siddy with a big smile!

Another time, we were visiting a new doctor.. While waiting out he was looking at the three nurses sitting and making cotton balls out of a big cotton roll... 

Again siddy see siddy wants to do! Again he asked me to ask them first.. I told him the same thing.. " you want to do you go ask them" 

Thinks for a second (he always does) jumps off the bench and goes and says "can I help you?!" 

Those poor Kerala nurses didn't know how to react!!! They looked at me unsure., and I said in Hindi " he wants to make the cotton balls with you" 

They laughed all thru at this tiny kid rolling up the cotton balls!!! 

Then we go in and meet the doctor... The  check up is done and we are sitting listening to the doctor give us instructions... When siddy goes 

"what's your name?" He has a fascination for names.. 

The doctor equally surprised as the nurses.. Says "my name is Deepak"!!! 

And siddy smiled! And the doctor smiled and the mommy beamed with pride! 

I love that he can go upto anyone and talk to them.. Kids have no fear.. No thought of " what will they think?" No sense of rejection... Just bam... Out there.. 

I wonder what it would be like for us all to have that kind of no fear confidence...?!!! 

Friday, 8 January 2016

Little Stories-2

Little story 1:

He over heard his teacher talking to her fiancĂ© and while hanging up she says " bye baby" 

So he goes to her and says " teacher you have a baby? Is it a small baby or a big baby?!!!!!!" 

Little story 2: 

Incredible memory! 

Over the year we have tried so many Peds for him.. There was this one we went to maybe twice... Long back that too... 

The other day we drove by the clinic, and this little thing points to the building and says

" Mumma when you were little I used to get you here to see the doctor na?" 

He's 2 and a half! (Correction he's almost three !) but where does he get this memory from? 

Little story 3:

So we were heading out one of these nights, and I told Aadi to book us a cab..

Till now siddy was following us around while we changed and I did my hair and make up and he wasn't saying anything... 

But as soon as he heard the words book and cab he went,

" Why are you booking a cab? Where are you going? " 

I love how he has started putting things together... Understanding them... It's amazing!! 

Monday, 4 January 2016

School admissions..

School admissions are like the most stressful time in a parents life... 

Or so it's supposed to be. 

As soon as siddy turned 2 and a few months everyone we met only asked us what schools we were looking at... In the June of the year before he would join and I'm thinking... It's still a while... Forms don't even come out till dec. 

But you have to go visit all the schools before that and you have to sit in the lobby of and meet the office people of the school you are most keen to join at least 16 times before the forms come out and 25 times once the forms do come out..

Then it's a question of pulling out your contacts, your fathers contacts , your mothers contacts, your neighbours contacts, your neighbour's mothers contacts... Basically any kind of 'pull ' must be used..

Then you must have kept away a decent amount of dosh just to pay off all the above mentioned contacts.. Barring your own parents of course! And some dosh for the school people... Yes a bribe better known as admission fees... Which can range anywhere from 50000 to a few lakhs. 

So we started at step one.. I made a list of all the school in the vicinity.. Because no way on earth I'm making my kid travel at 3 more than he absolutely has to... 

A friend of mine and I went around checking out the schools.. We did three I think and then we sat down at a coffee shop and asked each other what we really wanted for our kids...

A good education system that focuses on the kids and let's them learn thru zero pressure, has good teachers and really cares for the kids... 

Currently he's doing his nursery at kangaroo kids and he's loving it.. The school environment is fantastic and he has learnt so much here I can't begin to tell you... So I wanted something similar...

I also feel, and I may be wrong, but I feel like all these big schools focus a lot more on the kids post the 5th grade... Because that's when they can train them for the 10th grade, the results of which determine  school standing. 

And because of this, I feel the younger batches get left behind with average attention. Decent, I'm not saying they don't care at all, but i feel the degree of attention is just much lesser than I would like. 

So we settled on Besant Montessori. 

We read a lot about the Montessori form of education, really liked it... Visited the school.. It's so old school and simple, the teachers remind me of my teachers, the infra structure is very basic but I think, also after speaking to a few people who's kids are there, their teaching systems are great and very up to date. 

They have big gardens for the kids to run around in, they go to the beach get sand in their feet... What more can a mum ask for really! 

So for all you wonderful people following up on siddy... Besant it is... From next June! 

He's a big boy now!