Thursday, 9 May 2013

Little Toes And Little Fingers!!

Anyone who has seen a picture of a sonography knows that most normal... I mean non medical people.... cannot understand heads or tail ... Literally!!!!!!

So on my birthday I had a sonography appointment... I was seven weeks preggie... I was hoping to see like proper hands and legs and make out everything... But no... That cute little baby was still just a little ball of... Well.... Confusion!!!!

The best part was that my darling hubby was in there with me this time along with his Ma... And we all heard the heartbeat together and tried to decipher the little one!!!

But the next time I went for a sonography the little one had grown up... Now we could actually see little toes... Little fingers... Oh it was just so precious.... Suddenly from a ball of cells it looked like a full on tiny baby... The head the spine the hands the feet... The doctor was really nice... All thru my tears (yes I guess I cry easy!!!) he patiently explained and showed me each part of the baby.. The blood flow from and to the umbilical cord... Everything in detail...

My mum was with me for this one and that in itself made it a special moment!


  1. One of the absolute joys of technology.....a live little beating heart! And a little blurry pic of a new life.....amazing!

  2. truly amazing