Thursday, 30 January 2014

Getting pushed...

So last night Aadi walked in on me crying while Sid was climbing all over me trying to get to the tv remote.... 

he asked me what's wrong.. And I said ' I'm so exhausted and he just won't eat his food and go to sleep' 

And he found me really amusing...!

But was it?

Not really.. And not always.. The Jaipur cold has a way of entering my system and settling itself inside such that I'm always cold... To top that I'm not particularly happy being in the city where I don't have any friends or places to go to... To add to that I'm very confused about my work and what to do with that and the cherry on top is that Sid has lost his appetite and still is super duper hyper ALL the time...

He is constantly on the move now... Wants to play non stop.... wants to climb over me... Walk on my stomach... Pull my hair... Elbow my rib cage.... He has a terrible case of ADD with his toys.. Insists on playing with my tv remotes while I'm watching tv... And this new thing about not wanting to eat anything... It has a way if driving me up the wall!!

Seriously... For the last few days meal times have lasted upto 45 minutes with me wanting to pull my own hair out... I've distracted him with toys, plastic bowls, spoons, the tv.. The dog.. The phone... Songs.. Videos.. Sometime upto three people sit around him getting him to eat.. And he still fights very bite......


Last night I just lost it... He hadn't had a single proper meal... Has slept for only an hour and a half in the whole day... Had played like a crazy minion.... Was screaming and shouting at everyone...he fought me for every meal I gave him...but by the end of the evening I was so sure that he would knock out with his milk meal... So I took him to our room and tried feeding him... 

But No! 

He was up and about again... And Aadi was down having his dinner...So it was just the two of us... And I was exhausted and he kept moving all over the bed.. From the tv remote on one side table to the phone charger on the other side table to leaning over the bed to play with the drawer handle... 


At one point I just held his sweater while he tried climbing over me to get to the remote while poking his little elbow into my tummy and that's when I just lost it.

Before I even realized what was happening I was crying! My body had no energy to hold onto him... My arms ached from picking him up... And making him sit... All I wanted was to lie in bed and blog or read my book.. Or zone out.....Yet here I was holding onto this little bumling who was full of some mad adrenaline.... 

And there came Aadi... For a second he was just shocked, poor thing!!! But luckily he didn't ask too many questions and just took Sid off of me... And I lay back... And stopped crying!!! 

Somedays are mad like that... When too many things come together and your mind and your body just feel like giving up... But you have to keep going with a big happy smile because you never want your baby to feel like you don't want to be with him... But in some deep space inside you, you actually would like some alone time.. But feel guilty about it :(

But like Aadi told me tonight... He said just tell me when you need me to take him... If you just can't take it and you feel pushed.. Let me know.. I'll happily look after him... But don't take it to that point where you're getting that upset....

And it's true.. The days you feel pushed, and you will, just hand him over to someone... You hubby, your parents, anyone... Take some time off.. It's ok... Trust me it's better than that poor little thing looking at you crying and being confused!!! 

The best part is when I cry Sid just laughs!!! He really is the perfect medicine to a bad day!!! 

A marriage and a baby!!!

My wonderful brother got married this month.. In a quick,shot gun ,one week notice wedding!!!! 

Engaged in December married in January!!!! It was the fastest courtship I've ever seen!!! Ha ha!!! 

I think though it was the smartest thing a couple can do... After all as beautiful as weddings are the planning stages come with plenty of arguments and silly fights and these two managed to reduce that stress  into just a week!!! 

And such a pretty wedding it was... Small and private on a terrace with their closest friends and our small families... Really what celebrations are all about... :)

Of course for me it was power packed because I was kinda best man to my brother part party planner as well as trying to handle bumble bee!!

Luckily during party planning my mum and hubby looked after him and during the celebrations my wonderful in laws did... 

Having a very close friend or sibling get married with you having a little baby is tough... 

So here are a few things I would recommend:

1. Get all the help you can!!! Parents better half... A trusty maid... Anyone. If you are going to be part of the set up or the ceremony (like I was) you will no doubt need someone who understands what the little one needs. Don't try to be a super mom!

2. Plan his meals in advance and make them in advance. I was lucky my sister in laws house was in the same building.. More often than not, most wedding venues are some random places where you can't access the kitchen. So make things you don't necessarily have to heat or cook last minute... Keep things like aloo paratha, cheese slices and formula in his bag. Don't get all het up if his meals are not as organised as they usually are... It's ok as long as he looks happy and is cheerful. Its fine if he doesn't have a perfect diet for a day or two....

3. Yes it's fun to put him in a dhoti and he will look super adorable... But if he is comfortable in his pyjamas put him in his pyjamas... Better to have a happy hippie baby than a well dressed grumpy puss!!! Also you need to dress comfortably... Yes it's a wedding yes you must wear a saree and all but be practical, put all your pins in place, choose a bun over long curls!! Wear as less jewellery as is socially acceptable.. Because he will pull!! Heck at the after party I actually wore my loafers under my lehenga, because I wanted to enjoy dancing.... And boy am I glad? Because I had to go up and down from the penthouse to the fifth floor to the ground floor to the fifth floor and up again.. At least six times!!!   

4. Keep his pram handy. I didn't need to since sameera's house was open to put him to sleep.. But when you are at some open lawn or club for a wedding you need him to sleep comfortably... So keep the pram, it will help with keeping his things together and he can knock out in it!

5. Happily give him to who ever takes him!!! This is most most important!! There were times  during the ceremony that I would look for him and see him playing in someone's arms and in the next ten minutes it was someone else's arms!!!! Usually and mostly he was hanging out with all the pretty girls at the wedding! I swear that kids gone on his dad!!! Even at the after party he was happily dancing with the girls!!! Which was great because I got to dance with the hubby!!!! 

Other than this, just keep a close eye on him.. Because only you can tell if that cry is for sleep or food... And when he absolutely needs you... And no one else can help.. Forget everything else and go to him....!! 

But I have to tell you.. This little bumling of mine.. What a party animal!! Two days of celebrations and he was rocking ittill the second night party... Smiling at all the girls... Dancing with them.. Refusing to sleep... I guess he was also super happy his crazy mamu finally found such a wonderful girl :) 

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Turning one....

He's turning one next month... 

He doesn't walk on his own...

He doesn't say any clear word...maybe just papa, but that's doesn't always mean his dad as Mumma doesn't always mean me...

He has no teeth ... Zero! 

His over all balance is still kinda wonky...

He reacts only to "where is the fan?" He looks up and points at the ceiling in general..

He kind of reacts to "give and take" but hasn't fully comprehended that 'give' doesn't mean to still hold on to his toy..!

But oh ... He can smile... And he can make any person in this world smile... His big toothless happy - as - hell smile.... 

And he can laugh... When I cuddle him and pretend to bite his cheeks...

And then he puts his little fingers into my mouth and touches my teeth in utter fascination! 

He loves the zee cafe music between my serials.. He loves all music actually... Especially hip hop... Maybe because it's the first music I introduced him to... He bobs his little head and grooves to eminem...

He points the remote to the tv and gets super excited when something happens.. Anything, the damn tv could go off and this one is super happy with himself... He looks at me and gives me his naughtiest smile!

And he loves crumpling my art book and newspapers... And rolls my book cover while I try to read....

And boy can he complain... Take away your phone from him or pull him away from the switchboard and you have a loud upset kiddo on your hands...he'll point at you and scream away!

He loves crawling... He has a funny way to crawl... But he loves it... And he's pretty fast now.. 

Anything new he sees, he wants to touch... The best was when he accidently put his hand into Mylo's mouth!!!! He shuddered and crinkled his little nose and went for it again!! 

So you know people ask me 'oh he doesn't have any teeth yet?' 'Oh he isn't walking on his own yet?' 

And I used to worry, I used to google stuff and read if it was ok... But no more... I have finally learnt to tune these people out... 

I told myself that 'hey bumling loves people, he goes to everyone, he is generally a very happy kid.,, so do those things matter?' 


Every kid has his own pace to grow up and understand things and learn things... His physical growth also will be different from others and so long as he is healthy and happy... I need worry about nothing... 

So for now I'm going to enjoy my toothless baby boy... And thank my stars I had a few months less of him talking back to me... Because if he is anything like me... Once he starts he ain't gonna stop!!!!!!! 

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Back in Jaipur

From a cotton romper to a cotton vest, a woolen vest, a t shirt, a cardigan, a woolen sweater.... A cotton pyjama, woolen pants and socks..... 

We are back in Jaipur!

And it's mad cold... Actually it's on it's downward graph, but because we came from almost warm weather, it's seems mad cold....

Bumling is kind of a winter baby, born at the end of feb when it's nice weather but I don't think the cold is his thing... He's been a bit irritable and is fully refusing good food... But that could even be because he is teething... 

What i think he dislikes most is that he can't run around the floor anymore... The floor is freezing... And even with his layers and layers of clothes I think he'll catch a cold... Which means it's back to the bed as a playground :( 

Though in the mornings when there is a bit of sun, I put him in his walker with shoes on and let him run free!!! Ah he looks so damn cute in that walker!!! 

Also after trying a bunch of heaters we have got one that doesn't suck out all the moisture in the room so with that he is doing good... He's cozy and warm... 

And happy!!! Which was my biggest fear in the winters considering I'm my unhappiest in the damn cold.... 

Anyone who knows me knows that it's the worst time for me ever... I'm too much of a sunshine girl to enjoy the winters..

I hate being dressed in layers and sitting all curled up.... But I don't want that for Sid... I want him to completely enjoy the winters... 

The chill in the air, the warm hot chocolate drinks, the barbecue plans on the terraces, the sharing of a blanket with someone you love... Hmmmmmm winters suddenly don't seem that bad!! Ha ha ha!!

Well, we have the last few days of winters left here in Jaipur... And I'm going to make sure at least the little bumling enjoys himself!! 

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

An apology!!

I feel so bad my blogging is so random these days.... I have so much to say but literally no time to say it!!! 

I honestly wish there was a way I could talk and the words would just appear on my blog!!! 

Bombay, has as always, been mad... And with Christmas and New Years taking up most of my time here and not to mention my cruising baby... It's hectic to say the least! 

He has reached the age of super excitement.. He is pretty wired up post a good sleep or a good meal.. He plays non stop, moves around the house non stop, is constantly hungry for food or milk... Milk is simple but food... You remember my last post..
It's madness.. Thinking of what to make then, making it, then feeding it to someone who has suddenly lost interest!!! He has ADD at this age people... Each toy he can play with for like five minutes and then he wants something else... Soon I run out of toys and have to make do with random things like my mums specs cover or two empty steel bowls .. At one point I was giving him my Christmas tree ornaments  and my work ribbons and wool to play with just so I could get some work done!!! Giving my crafty things is huge in my world!! Plus he is teething so he goes into these occasional cranky phases where only mama will do!! (yes I love that but still!!) 

Add to this wanting to meet every single friend... Old and new.. My friends, Aadi's friends, my mums friends... My brothers engagement and meeting my future sis in law's (he he how fun that sounds!!) family for dinners and parties and play dates... Wanting to meet people for work to see if things can materialize for Aadi and me... The personal life is settled now we just need a bit of professional stability... And then trying to watch as many movies in theaters and at home on DVD.. Eating out... Drinking (more than I should!!) oh and did I mention I have recently picked up the first games of thrones book (it's huge!! 780 pages to be exact!!) ... And my crafty hands are asking too much of me ( I recently made flower head bands and sewing ring art., I'll show you soon)...

Now can you imagine how difficult it is to remove even ten minutes to myself in all of this craziness... And when I get it I have three choices 
1. Read my book 
2. Blog 
3. Cuddle upto my husband and go to SLEEP!!! 

Guess which one I pick eight out of ten times!!! Ha ha hence the few and scattered blog posts and the fact that I am I'm still on page 195 of my book!!! 

So please to forgive and hang in there I'll be back with some fun stuf soon!!!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

FOod stUff!!

So once Granny had made bumble bee some daal and roti with loads and loads of ghee on it of course, and he refused to finish it. I happily picked up the bowl and tossed it into Mylo's food bowl and granny was like "Arre why didn't you just eat it why give it to the dog?"

I laughed and said nothing.

Next time again some food was left in Sid's bowl and again she asked me to finish it and laughingly said "Thats what all mothers do, they finish their baby's food"

And it got me thinking, so thats the reason our poor mums put on all that weight!!!

Who ever came up with that idea of us finishing everything they refuse to eat? and this despite that fact that you may have already finished your meal…

Nothing in this world is a bigger task than to shed that loose paunch that comes post delivery and these kinda silly notions only make it worse…. I refuse it.

Unless… and that too not always… but in the off chance my meal is post his I may have his food… but other wise no way… hell I'm trying to reduce my own meals let alone adding his to mine!!

And quite honestly who can eat that bland, semi pureed food??!! yuck!!

ha ha… the day Sid reads this blog he's going to yell at me!!

But seriously… no spice… hardy any salt… I hate the idea of grinding the rotis but sometimes I grind the daal and rice if i'm out of patience…so that pureed stuff its impossible to eat!

For us I mean!

Meal time is a serious stressful time for me…. I'm not really into cooking and trying to make bumling something interesting every time is super taxing!!

Here is how his meals go:
First a fruit:
1. Papaya…. its his favourite!
2. Apple stewed with cinnamon
3. Bananas
4. Pear I tried it once he didn't much like the texture… i'll try again when he's older.

Then Eggs:
So i usually boil an egg and then whisk it with some milk and make a paste like texture of it and add salt and pepper…. I tired an omelette and a scrambled once, but I think he found it a bit dry… and also being a bit of a lazy bum he didn't want to chew!!

Here's what he gets for lunch, evening snack and dinner:

1. Daal and rice… all the daals are good especially Moong daal, its light and easy to digest. Also now I give good tadka for the daals… earlier it was just ghee and salt… now I add jeera powered or whole or some rai and quite recently I've started adding garlic and onion tomato as well.

2. Daal and roti. I never ground it because I wanted him to understand the textures from day one.

3. Suji or Rawa… sometimes sweet sometimes salty like an upma… and now that he's a bit bigger I give it a kadi patta and rai tadka…

4. Oats … again sometimes sweet and sometimes salty… these two are great dinner options…

5. Aloo paratha is another favourite of his….! I mash boiled potato with some lime juice coriander leaves and salt and roll it in to the atta. With some dahi its a perfect meal.

6. Sometimes its just plain roti and curd….

7.I gave him a chicken patty the other day… a friend and made it for her little bumling and it was the first time he had chicken and boy did he love it!!! He practically chomped it all off!!

8.I even tried fish one day here in Bombay… since the fish is really fresh… I think he was super confused with the texture and didn't eat much of it the first time but when I gave it to again for his next meal he seemed to enjoy it!!

Half the vegetables are out because they give gas or tummy aches…. which leaves me with basics like:
1. Bottle gourd or ghiya or lauki whatever you call it.
2. Pumpkin which he likes
3. Potatoes mashed with Peas and Carrots.
4. Tendli or tindora
5. Cucumber I have recently started…

Except for the cucumber, I usually pressure cook the veggies and then mash them a little and add some ghee and salt tadka to them… Sounds boring I know…. Just can't seem to be all creative with it:( though its my new years resolution to be more creative with his foods poor fellow!!

So here's what Im going to do (read: try to do) is I'm going to make a lot of things for him in the following weeks and try to write down the recipes if they are fun enough…. lets see if this motivates me to give him tastier meals!!

Not that I will finish those up either!!!

Friday, 3 January 2014

Nuclear or joint upbringing?

I'm not really one to compare kids... I also believe that parenting is one of those things where no matter what you do you'll always get it right and no matter what you do you'll always get it wrong!!!

But recently I've met some kids from a nuclear family and noticed a certain sense of independence and risk taking that the babies have that I feel missing in bumbling…. I'm not necessarily sure its only because of the joint family and too many eyes on him thing … but I have definitely felt it. 

Since its impossible for a mum to keep an eye on the kid 24/7, the kid will experiment jumping off the bed or eating a raw potato as opposed to a kid form a joint family where someone or the other is watching over them all the time… a little too much in fact. 

Like at my place, if bumbling even so much as reaches two feet from the edge of the bed someone has already caught hold of his feet and dragged him back to the middle… or if he sticks his little hand out to Mylo who licks it, at least three people will jump to shoo Mylo away and get a wipe to clean his hand :( 

Everyone was always uncertain to put him on the floor, including me, its dirty, too many people walking around with shoes and of course Mylo's hair is all over the place… the poor kid only had a big bed as his play space….

This is my least favourite thing… he didn't get to explore things… so here in Bombay I just let him loose!!

I left him on the floor the first day and gave him his toys… Honestly he was confused!! For the first ten minutes he just kept looking at my mum and me wondering when we would pick him up!!! So I sat next to him and started playing with his toys… slowly he joined in and eventually he loved it!!

Next thing I know he's all over the place…he crawls behind me when i go from one room to another…. He loves visiting the kitchen and sits on the platform by the window while we make his food…. He's even started cruising…. which is a new term I learnt… its basically when the baby stands holding on to something and then moves along to the next thing…. its amazing to watch him do that….

The best part is that I think instinctively babies are so so careful… he takes his time when he's cruising… both hands on the first chair then slowly he lets go of one and places it on the other chair… but before he lets go the second hand he thinks about it like then times!!! 

yes he fell once or twice or thrice…. boom and bang flat on his diaper cladded bum…. once or twice on his side… he cried and howled and I rubbed his head a distracted him with the hundred million things in my mum's house… and next thing I know he's trying it all again!!

I think babies cry more out of the shock…the sudden bang they get, not so much because of the pain…. so its short-lived but still a pretty loud cry!! 

What I do know for a fact though is just how much bumling has fallen in love with his this new independence… And I'm sure even in Jaipur he will be out and about… but the only difference is I'm going to let him be more free… I'm going to ask everyone to watch him but from a distance… I don't want to instil a sense of fear in him every time he is doing something… and thats what I feel happens when there are too many people watching the kid… He'll never get close enough to things to understand that they are not good for him… or that they are amazing either… 

However… the thing about joint family babies is that they get used to having lots of people around them… they will happily go to everyone and not cry (well not always at least!!) and this i've noticed in kids from nuclear families that they are just so super attached to their parents that they refuse to be with anyone else… and that goes for the parents as well.. While I will happily leave my bumling with Aadi's parents or my mum or brother… nuclear family parents get super clingy to their kids…they have trusting issues. 

Its so important to let your kids be with your parents… its something your parents have been wanting since forever and you get some time off which is super important…. Today Aadi and I were able to party new years night till 4:00 am simply because bumling loves sleeping with his nani…  He spends hours with her during the day and is so comfortable with her now and he doesn't cry… hell when we leave apparently he doesn't even look for us in the house anymore…..grrrrrrrr!!!!

But no thats a good thing!

But I guess nuclear or joint if as a mum you understand these things you will start creating the atmosphere you want your kid to grow up in one way or another… whether it is removing the kid gloves or trusting your parents more… whatever it takes to have a healthy happy baby you will do it.