Monday, 20 May 2013

Baby Showers VS Godh Bharais

My memory of a godh bharai was a cousins I had gone to when I was 15... It was soooooooo boring!!! The poor preggie girl in her saree and heavy jewellery sitting in the middle of the room with all these aunties hovering around her  stuffing her palu with coconuts and what not..... It just wasn't a pretty sight... But that was from the eyes of a 15 year old forces by her mother to "come see at least!!!"

Also there are so many different customs on each religion... So the maharahstrians take a stone grinder wrapped in fabric and pass it over a crib a couple of times after which the mother kicks the crib!!!! Or so my mother told me she did at her function! 

In the Sikhs they feed (of course) a dish made if sweet rice.. So all the aunties (which are A LOT) come and feed the preggie girl one bite of the sweet rice and whisper a advice or good wish on her ear.... 

On the other hand baby showers are fun relaxed parties!!! Being a crafty Pinterest girl I have always loved the idea of baby showers and yet I attended my first one almost a year before mine... 

So the lucky bum that I am I had both versions... My mum and brother with friends threw me a Mexican baby shower!! 

It was on our terrace, mum had made some super fantastic burritos and salsa and nachos all at home!! My brother and hubby mixed some mad drinks together and made a cocktail which I of course didn't get a chance to taste!! 

My friends organised the decorations and  games which were a blast!!!! 

Soooo many people came to wish me it was really heart warming... My friends my mums friends friends from our building... Old new close all sorts of friends!!!  

And they all gave such wonderful gifts!!!

It was really one of those nights I won't forget!! 

And back in jaipur my mum on law threw me a traditional godh bharai...  I got to dress up in a pretty suit (the only one that fit me!!!) and had all our friends come by... And yes it was the typical Sikh rituals of feeding me the sweet rice... How ever I made sure everyone gave me really small bites!!!!! 

But we also played a fun variation of housie... So with two pages we had nine lines which corresponded to nine months and one full house was for a boy the other for a girl and so on... It was super fun.. I even won!!! Ha ha!!! 

And Ma had set up a fantastic high tea spread with some yummy sandwiches and gulab jamuns!!! 

And the best part was my baby and I made lots and lots of money!!! Ha ha!!! 

So traditional or non traditional I had  fantastic pre baby parties!!!


  1. Oh please......don't knock the traditional ones....i had so much fun in mine))) But yep, showers are all about friends and fun! And now since we have more friends, it's more and more fun!!! And just look at that cutie smiling!