Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Boy or a Girl?!!!

Knowing if its a boy or a girl can make so many decisions easier... The clothes, the colors of the bedding, the colors of the tub an towels but most importantly the name...!!!

Everyone told us we needed to have a name with each alphabet for a boy AND for a girl ready so depending on the stars and such we would have to name the baby... 

Absolutely ridiculous!!!!! 

I mean, yes I know a lot of people believe in this, but luckily for us neither aadi nor I believed in it. 

We decided we would pick one boys name and one girls name and that would be that. 

We asked family for options but finally just came down to it ourselves! 

Of course left to the hubby and my brother our son would have been Achilles and my brothers son would have been Hector!!!!!

So like most new parents we wanted something different for our kid.. So we went online on baby name websites. When that didn't help we went thru all our friends facebook friends lists to find something nice but came up with nothing!

Now the funny thing was I always wanted to name my son Siddhant, it was the name of my little nephew who had passed away, my mums brothers son. But I hadn't told anyone. 

When I finally did tell aadi, he told me that his mum had always wanted to name him Siddhant!!!! Can u believe the coincidence!!!! 

She wanted to name his brother Sidharth and him Siddhant but because granny couldn't pronounce the name they became Nitin Vipin!!!! 

So it just seemed like, well, the stars had spoken!!! And Siddhant it was for a boy!!

We did pick a girls name... But I ain't telling... Hopefully in another two years ill be writing another blogpost about her!!!

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  1. Achilles and Hector huh.....!!! would have been fun though:-)
    But as you said, a perfect coincidence!!! Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in harmony.....!
    Lucky chap, Siddhant.