Sunday, 31 May 2015

What do I remember from the first day?!

What do I remember from the first day? 

I remember being woozy... In my head.. Like everything was happening to someone else... Like I was watching someone else... I couldn't feel much ... 

I distinctly remember being scared in the OT .. Freaking out... All those doctors and equipment... The next thing I remember is opening my eyes and seeing Aadi.. And he said " it's a boy" 

I smiled.. But I don't think it registered... I was so zonked.... and tired... My whole body felt exhausted....

Then I remember being in the room.. Everyone asking me how I was.. I still hadn't seen him.. They all had..

"he's adorable... He's so cute" 

I don't know... 

And then they got him in... I could see this rolled up burrito like thing come in...But then I saw granny and I told the nurse to give him to her first .... her smile... My God, her face light up.... this was her great grandson.... what a feeling that must be...

Then they got him to me...


my very own little ET!!!

scrunched up little face... tiny as anything.... but that nose was distinctly mine...!!

and they put him down next to me... I was still not allowed to sit up... so we lay there the two of us.... wonder if we realised then how big a deal this all was.... how strong this bond is going to be... how important this relationship will be...Nope I think we both were to zonked for such deep thoughts!!

All I could think then was... he's so tiny and he's all mine...this little thing... all mine!!! ( yes yes aadi's too!!!!) but you know.... ALL MINE!!!!

Post that it was just a whirlwind of feeding, nappy changing, people visiting ... sleeping... sometimes him sometimes me... everything was just happening.... like on auto...

It was when we came home... when I had settled in... that one day when I was changing his nappy and I looked at him... I mean really looked at him... took in every little detail of him.... his eyes, the hair, the ears... I touched his fingers and toes... his super tiny super adorable knees.... he was so scrawny.... and he curled up and stretched out so cutely..... his tiny little mouth opening so his tiny little tongue could come out... it was all too much.... I swaddled him picked him up and held him to me...

My baby...

This was my baby...the little thing that was in my tummy a few days ago...

And then we danced to Rihanna's Cheers to that... just the two of us!!

This was going to be a fun relationship!! 

But today when someone asks me how was it... was there pain because of the c sec... did you connect to him instantly? Did the breastfeeding go ok? was it tough? 

I don't remember!!

I remember being mad at my mum for not remembering...!! But I really don't remember it in every little detail...and mine happened two years ago!!

What I do remember is the moments.... and the feelings and emotions attached to them... Because the rest truly doesn't matter... You figure it all out... the pain goes away... the breastfeeding happens... and if it doesn't you find an alternative... You learn to deal with the nappy changing and the many little gifts you get in them!! You learn that it could take from ten minutes to two hours for a baby to go to sleep.... you learn it all.... but you also forget it all...

Its just those moments... they stay forever!!!

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Did anybody tell ya?!!

Did anybody tell ya 
That your Mamma, she loves ya..
That your mamma, she's crazy about ya! 
Did anybody tell ya,

Why she'd stay up all night for ya..
Play a zillion games...
Kiss away those boo boos for ya..
It's cuz she loves ya!! 

Did anybody tell ya..
That you papa he loves ya..
That your papa he's crazy 'bout ya..
Did anybody tell ya? 

Why he'd walk thru fire for ya
Stop a moving bus..
Fight any villain for ya..
It's cuz he loves ya!! 

Little tales!!


We're chilling in our room... Aadi has already knocked out.. I'm working and bumling is doing some timepass next to me... It's nearly 10:45 now and I want him to sleep but he isn't showing any signs of it.. 

So I start to sing 

"Did anybody tell ya... That your mamma she loves ya" 

It's one of my made up songs.. And it's a slow one, one I usually sing to him when he is sleepy.. 

And sure enough he goes..

' But that's the sleepy song no.....' 

Oh ok then!!! Sorry my bad!! 

Next thing you know he's listening to get lucky on the big headphones!!!


We're at my brothers place and bumling is refusing to eat... So my brother threatened to leave the house.. 

He still refused...

My brother gets up walks towards the door still threatening ...

Nope nothing.. 

Finally he opens then door and walks out..

And I'm like
'See mamu left the house because your not eating ' 

' He's not worn it his shoes' is the smart ass reply I get!!!! 


My friend is baby sitting him while I take a long happy shower and this is what happens.. 

She asked him 
'Are you scared of lizards?'

'In this house?' He asks her.. Because we had all three seen a big lizard in our old house and my friend and i had jumped up on the sofa!! 

'Ummmmm no in this house? ' he thinks a little ' I'm not sure' 

Hopefully he'll think about this and get back to us!!! 


This one day I had to go for work and he was really cranky so my mum told him that I was going to work and I would get him a fire engine... 

Ok now he's happy... He gives me a kiss and a hug and all suddenly!! 

I have to go to town so it's a really long day for me.. By the time i'm back he's done with his sleep even..

In fact I caught him when his eyes had just opened... So I went to him and gave him a big kiss..

He rubs his eyes, looks at me and says

'Mumma you're back?'

I smile, heart all melting, my baby missed me... 

'Yes baby' 

'Where is my fire engine?' 

Oops!!! Memory of a freaking elephant!!!! 

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Drunken baby!!

Having a sleepy toddler,who is fighting his sleep in bed with you is like having a mental unreasonable person in bed with you... 

This is us last night:

We both got  into bed when Aadi was already asleep... So I told the bumling to be quiet.. What does he do instead? He crawls up to his dad and tries to wake him up... So I made my stern Mumma face and asked him to move behind... Suddenly out of no where he burst into tears

' I want to say hi to papa' 


' please can I say hi to papa' howling away.... So much so that poor papa woke up and gave him a hug... 

Instantly the tears were gone..

Ok then we rolled around in the dark .. It was all fun with his adorable kisses and hugs and love... He kept yapping away all thru some gibberish or the other...when he said something about his cars and his toys and so I said 

' Ya ya papa put away all your toys no...'

Baaaaaaaahhhhh tears and howling 

' I want to put my toys away' 

' ummm but baby it's night time and papa has already put them away' 

' no I want to put them away...' 

Tears and tears ... 

To distract him I started telling him a story and suddenly no tears... 

Hmmmm...crazy little kid!!! 

Then in my final attempt to put him to sleep I started singing twinkle twinkle little stars in this very slow long drawn manner hoping to make it sound super boring... 

What does he do? 


No no.. He starts singing with me in the same manner I am singing!!! 

He's hilarious... And drunk and sleepy drunk!!! 

In all this he rolls on me... Sleeping on my tummy, falling on my face... Pulling my hair.. Jamming his tiny elbow in to my throat... His knee in my stomach... All these are interspersed with hugs and kisses but oh my god!!! 

Of course while his head is on me I realised last night that his feet were on Aadi... On his tummy, on his face, on his back.. And that daddy ain't never complained!!!!! He likes his drunken little baby in bed with us!! 


Thursday, 14 May 2015

The sweetest thing!

We had a couple friend of ours over today for drinks... Siddy loves them...

So he hung around playing and showing off his toys and entertaining them...

The night was coming to an end.. These guys were getting ready to leave and by now siddy was drunk with sleep... He was in full on babbling gibberish mode... Slipping and tripping while walking ... But fighting it till the very end.... 

At some point while talking to the guy, siddy whacked his face...

Immediately Aadi and I got angry and shouted at him. 

'very bad siddy... No hitting on the face... Say sorry right now...'

Once twice thrice we told him

But nothing.. Between sleep and sheer defiance he flat out refused..

So our friend pretended to get upset and walked to the main door..

"see he's getting angry and upset he will leave if you don't say sorry'

Still nothing...

Finally they left ... But our man was all grumpy and pouty... 

Aadi and I left him on his own and started putting his toys away... He came to help.. And once we were done he walks up to me and says 

'Mumma I want to say sorry to Rajiv'

So I quickly pulled out my phone got onto our group chat and made him send a voice note...!! 

Can you say 'sweetest thing ever?' 

I mean seriously .. Discipline can happen thru shouting.. Beating... Explaining... But sometimes just telling the kid and leaving him alone can do wonders.. 

I think he thought our friends really won't come again.. And for some annoying reason (!!!!!) he is really fond of this guy and the idea that he would not come back... He didn't like that!!! 

Good job siddy pie!!! 

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My crazy!!!

He's too hilarious! I simply can't keep up with him and my blog posts!! 

Half the times I'm laughing so hard at his mental-ness that I completly forget to record what he has said or done .... And the times I do record it, by the time I get to typing it he's gone ahead and done a whole new bunch of nutty things!!! 

Like today we were having some cake and juice at 4:30 when he heard the boys playing down in the compound so he stuck his head to the window grill and shouted out a big hi! 

They in turn came over and said "hey siddy come down" 

So he says" I'm having my juice.. I'll come in two minutes" 

They stood there with their mouths open... I mean seriously the kid is two.... They were totally taken by surprise..hell I was taken by surprise!   

By the time we got down the boys had already started a cricket match so they asked me if they could play with him later... 

Great.... Now I had to entertain him... 

Outside our new home we have a forest...well fine, they are mangroves but if you are two or you are a scaredy cat 30 something, those mangroves become a forest!!! 

We went to the one open patch touching the road and pretended we were in a real forest waiting for lions and tigers and elephants... Something about pretend play is just soooo much fun... 

At night when Siddy and I narrated this part of our day to Aadi, something we do everyday, I said " so we went to the jungle today papa... Didn't we siddy?" 

And he goes, scrunching his tiny eyes and shaking his head " it's a forest noooooo" like silly Mumma you.. Don't you know?!!!! 

Well I'm sorry!!!!! 

But my favorite part of today was.. At one point three little girls surrounded him and sat with him while he showed off the apps on his iPad... (I only took the iPad down because I wanted to work on it!!)

Anyway next thing we know a stupid pigeon has flown inches away from our head... All of us looked up shocked and honestly scared... 

Siddy goes" that was a kawwa" (that was a crow) 

Ok very good siddy but that was actually a pigeon. 

" that was a kawwa" and repeated it some 8-10 times till one of the little girls couldn't take it anymore and she yelled 

" what kawwa kawwa kawwa your saying? That was a pigeon!!!!!!" 

Oh my god kids... They are seriously the most hilarious things in the world and mine is just they king of the crazy land!!!! 

Friday, 8 May 2015

Big change!

So I've been missing in action.. Again...!! I remember I had a friend who would tell me I go into hibernation every once in a while.. And I do....every once in awhile I do need a little time off ... From people from my blogs from all the social platform that I am on.... From everything!!! 

But this time I've been out of it because we made a huge shift in our lives... 

I think once every two years you should do something that majorly changes your life... Be it changing your job, your house, your city, having a baby anything... Just something that flips things around for you...

What we did was we changed our home... With the pudding now we needed more space... So mum, Aadi, bumling and I have taken a bigger home and we are loving it!!! 

The actual process of the shift was mental because everything happened pretty much overnight... One weekend we saw the place .. We all loved it.. By the next weekend we had signed all our papers and by the weekend after that we had shifted everything...and inside a week we had settled happily into our new home... 

And what a lovely home... It's nice and big and hey it has a dining table!! Something mum and Aadi always wanted.. I'm a big TV dinner person.. But to be honest it's nice sitting around a table talking.. Bumling is learning to eat on his own so he watches us and is picking it up so quick... 

But my favorite part is that there are a bunch of kids in the building... My biggest problem with the older building was that there were no kids... And no real space to play in the compound.... That meant taking him to the park was a must... 

Now going to the park is quite a task... Starting from making sure he's slept, he's eaten, pack toys and water and food and settle him in the car, drive to the park... Play for a long time and drive back... 

Too much.... 

Now, not only can I send him down to play, the park is actually walking distance.... Well ok not for me but for most people... I'm so lazy I'll still take the car!!!!! 

But back to the building kids... The first day I took him down I was so worried... All my anti social fears came into play..   What if the kids don't like him.. What if they don't say hi to him... He's such a sensitive little kid his heart will break... 

So I took his tricycle down so that at least he would have something to do... But as luck would have it... In a few minutes the boys, eight nine years olds, came up to him.. 

Said 'hey what's up.. Wanna play football...'

Football... Football.. My little two year old who has no concept of it was happily kicking the ball around!!! And the sweet heart kids that they were, were cheering him on!!! He kept looking at me with this super thrilled smile .. 

Like ' look ma I have friends!!'

It was unreal... Then they got a bat and ball and made him play cricket... They also teased him for staring at a little two year old girl... It was hilarious!!! 

And I just sat there with my feet up enjoying every minute of it.. Because more than anything in the world I want siddy to have fun.. To have friends... To be social... Unlike me.. 

The next day I went down I still thought, what if they were just nice yesterday because we were new and today they just ignore him... But nope! They were so happy to see him and him them!!! I mean sure, I'm officially an Aunty now, but well!!

Best part was I met a few of their mums.. And next thing I know Aadi and me are having drinks with them in the evening!! 

So ya... A huge change can seriously impact your life... And for now.. We are quite happy with ours!!!