Saturday, 11 May 2013

Meeting New Mommies

Luckily for me, I have a lot of new mommy friends.. And I think no book no website is as good as first hand experience of something like this.

I spent as much time as I could with these friends and still call them for every little thing that I find confusing!

What all will I need for the delivery?
How easy is breast feeding? Will it hurt? Will I have enough milk if I'm having a c sec?
What to do if my baby has gas?
What to do if he isn't sleeping? What if he's sleeping too much?
When to shift to the bottle? Which top feed is good? When to wean him off?

Having a baby is a big big deal... And it isn't an easy thing to do.. I think it's very very important to be sure you want one before having one.. Because once you have him ... Your life is going to be very different.. And you'll be confused sometimes, agitated sometimes, overwhelmed sometimes... But knowing that you're not the only one helps... Knowing that all of my new mommy friends went thru some thing or another that I'm going thru gives you a sense of relief...

And understanding that you go thru so much before it starts for me was a greater sense of relief.

And of course spending time with their little ones was great too! Especially the new born... Seeing and holding such a tiny baby really prepared me for mine...I have always been petrified of holding little when my friend told me that when it was my own I would automatically be confident of holding him I wasn't so sure she'd be right... But I have to admit the first day he was in my arms... I truly just knew...!!!

Suddenly I was super mom.... because I knew some pretty super moms!! So this post is for all you wonderful friends who have really helped me be a better mom!!!


  1. New mom friends really help. I had forgotten everything about growing you'll up. Good friends and good advice is priceless!

    1. yes mother... you are zero help!!!! ha ha ha ha ha!!!