Friday, 26 February 2016

Three years and counting!

Three years old..
He's finally turned three...

It's incredible, that means I have had this adorable lovable goofball in my life for three freaking years... ! 

It's a very unreal feeling.. He looks like a baby talks like a grown up .. And yet somedays he looks like a grown up but curls up in my arms like a baby... 

His hands are still tiny but he's learnt to cycle.. His lips are still super small but he jumps off the sofa with no fear... 

I know I know it's super senti and super cliche to go back to the day he was born but oh my god.. The day he was born he was a little ET...! Tiny scrawny tied up tightly in his swaddle... 

All he knew was me.. ( and his dad) but you know essentially me... Since he was drinking off me sleeping on me... Stuck to me! 

Helpless little thing.. ! 

And today he's this super confident kid with a great vocabulary, quite independent too..he loves being fed and put to sleep.. But wants to now pick his clothes and has very strong opinions on a lot of things! He loves to play alone and never really gets bored....

It's been amazing to watch him grow... To see his personality develop and to see him become his own person... 

And he's grown up a good kid.. He's polite and well behaved and yet he has this naughty streak to him which, while it drives me nuts, it's quite adorable..

We have our moments of sheer madness... Which is basically me getting rather mad at him..!! At such a young age he knows my buttons and doesn't fear pushing them... Clicking my keyboard, shifting my tv channels, saying potty or sleepy right when I sit down with my food... Oh he knows how much these things bug me.. But will he stop? Hell no! 

And then post my screaming either he will become all cute and adorable and 'I'm so sweet how can you hate on me?' Or he will get all pouty and teary eyed and will crawl into my lap only!! 

In both situations he gets his way!!!

The best part is, he has seriously taught me to have a lot of patience.. I know I know... People who know me will be like.. Really? This is you being patient?

You should have met me three years ago...! 

I also have tamed my temper... Very very much tamed it! 

And I have learnt to work thru anything... Noise, chaos sickness,day night afternoon .. In breaks of half and hour to ten minutes... Everything... And anything... 

There is nothing I can't do.. And that's something I have learnt about myself post my little kiddo.. I can juggle everything and everyone and maybe I'll be exhausted and tired and finished.. But I can still do it!!! 

All in all its been great fun having him around... He's been my reason to laugh and cry and push my self and laze around all in one!

My little Superhero!!!

Thursday, 11 February 2016

The Pizza Party!

This is an old post thats been catching dust in my drafts folder....

Tonight we had a pizza party!

And who's idea was this? 

My two and a half year olds!! 

What did I know at two and a half? Certainly not that I could ask for and get a pizza party.. Heck.. I doubt I knew anything about the existence of pizzas!!! 

Randomly once or twice in the week he has mentioned wanting a pizza.. Like one day the grocer rang the bell and he went " pizza is here pizza is here" Another time he just straight up asked for it... 

So come Saturday night we decide to call for some...

He was so excited when we told him we were having pizza for dinner... 

When it came I cut a slice into little pieces and gave him a glass of juice to go with it... It was over in minutes! 

No fuss... No pushing shoving bribing... The plate was spotless... !!! He even asked for more! 

Why can't all meals be like this?

Monday, 8 February 2016

Story telling

The boy got into the dinki car and he went in the forest. He asked the lion to come for a drive with him. 

They drove... Vroom .. To the market... They bought the apples. And the little boy opened the dicky and put the apples in it. Then he shut the dicky... And he opened the car and the lion and he went for a drive to the forest.