Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Eating Again!!!

Nausea and having an aversion to food is the worst part of the first three months....

But just as great is when you get ur appetite back.... And when mine was back.. Oh boy!!!! I ate everything!!! Lucky for me I don't have a sweet tooth... Infact I'm more of a spicy food person... So I didn't put on much weight... Though the last two months I did have some random cravings for sweet!!

But any how luckily for me I was at my mommys place for the second trimester and could just order her around for all my favourites!

From frankies to undhio to methi theplas paani puris!! .. To soooooo much watermelon... Just the idea of getting it during the winters was so exciting for me I ate it everyday... And pastas and veggies the way my mommy makes them...and oh the fried fish... Yummy yummy fried fish and fish curry.... !!!!!

Bu especially, for some reason, I was hung up on Mexican... So we had tacos and salsa and tortilla chips a lot!!! And there is this restaurant Sammy Sosa.. My mouth still waters thinking of it...

My brother mum n I went there ... It was like a city bandh.. I think Bal Thackeray had died or was about to or something and all shops and restaurants were closed except for these guys... And the three of us had such a great meal together!!! It was soooo much fun!!

Another of my favourite food outings was at Trikaya... A new place near home.. Where mum and I had gone with an aunt.. And we had khau suey... Now aadis mum officially makes the most awesome khau suey ever and so we generally avoid it else where ... But this place... It was pretty damn good!!!

For both Aadi and me good food is very important!! So when he's in Bombay especially we go out eating A LOT!!!!

Heres a list of all the places we ate at (pretty much)

Indigo - yummy breakfasts and pork ribs and the pizza!!
Cafe Manji - the best barbeque chicken burger ever... And breakfasts
California kitchen pizzas
China gate buffet oh my god the amount of starters it was just wow!!!!
Candies of course fried fish and cup cakes
Brittania berry pulao and dhanksak!
Cci club for fried fish and come floats!
Lemon grass for a bowl of Thai and eastern bliss!!!
Scrumptious the pepper chicken and fried rice
Yokos for sizzlers
Banana leaf for yummy idlis...

There's got to be more... But I just can't remember!!!!

So yeah the second trimester with the return of my appetite it was a great three months!!!


  1. Wow...that is a really long list of good.....nope....Great food! That is the Mumbai for you.....and soon it will start all over again...)))

  2. Oh my God! Where is your mum's place?

    My mom's place is really close to Trikaya and I haven't had the Khau Suey there.. Thanks to this blog.. I will now :)