Friday, 8 January 2016

Little Stories-2

Little story 1:

He over heard his teacher talking to her fiancé and while hanging up she says " bye baby" 

So he goes to her and says " teacher you have a baby? Is it a small baby or a big baby?!!!!!!" 

Little story 2: 

Incredible memory! 

Over the year we have tried so many Peds for him.. There was this one we went to maybe twice... Long back that too... 

The other day we drove by the clinic, and this little thing points to the building and says

" Mumma when you were little I used to get you here to see the doctor na?" 

He's 2 and a half! (Correction he's almost three !) but where does he get this memory from? 

Little story 3:

So we were heading out one of these nights, and I told Aadi to book us a cab..

Till now siddy was following us around while we changed and I did my hair and make up and he wasn't saying anything... 

But as soon as he heard the words book and cab he went,

" Why are you booking a cab? Where are you going? " 

I love how he has started putting things together... Understanding them... It's amazing!! 

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