Friday, 30 December 2016

Playing with the little one!

So there are two things I notice I do when I'm playing with Siddy.. one is when we are playing something like drawing things or making things or even like blocks.. I compete with him! 

Yes I said it.. I compete with my almost four year old... and I'm very serious about it somewhere in my head!!!! 

Like I'll try and make the taller block building... or draw like a very realistic aeroplane... ( which is quite rubbish by the way.. but it's better than his half bird half god knows what plane!!!) 

So today we were using his kinetic sand and some moulds to make things like elephants giraffes and food things like grapes and bananas.. and I made like five things while he struggled with one.. and I was so happy!!! Can you imagine that!! My silly inner 6 year old was doing little glee jumps!!!  

And the other thing I do is run out of patience!! Like if I decide actively not to compete with him it basically leaves me sitting and watching him try to do something and it drives me up the wall!! 

I mean how difficult is it to find the open end of the marker cover each and every time? But no.. we will always first try the shut end and then keep hitting it till it dawns on us that it's the wrong side!!!! 

Or this sand game today.. he took like ten minutes to shove some sand into the mould then he turned it over the sand fell out, so he did it again finally got it turned over correct .. then he realised it was upturned on a pit of sand so how will it form? then he dug away the sand from around his mould... oh my god!!! Ten minutes of my life that are never coming back!!!! 

Did I tell you I loved playing with him? Because I love playing with him!! 

My Crazy Eyes!!

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