Monday, 4 January 2016

School admissions..

School admissions are like the most stressful time in a parents life... 

Or so it's supposed to be. 

As soon as siddy turned 2 and a few months everyone we met only asked us what schools we were looking at... In the June of the year before he would join and I'm thinking... It's still a while... Forms don't even come out till dec. 

But you have to go visit all the schools before that and you have to sit in the lobby of and meet the office people of the school you are most keen to join at least 16 times before the forms come out and 25 times once the forms do come out..

Then it's a question of pulling out your contacts, your fathers contacts , your mothers contacts, your neighbours contacts, your neighbour's mothers contacts... Basically any kind of 'pull ' must be used..

Then you must have kept away a decent amount of dosh just to pay off all the above mentioned contacts.. Barring your own parents of course! And some dosh for the school people... Yes a bribe better known as admission fees... Which can range anywhere from 50000 to a few lakhs. 

So we started at step one.. I made a list of all the school in the vicinity.. Because no way on earth I'm making my kid travel at 3 more than he absolutely has to... 

A friend of mine and I went around checking out the schools.. We did three I think and then we sat down at a coffee shop and asked each other what we really wanted for our kids...

A good education system that focuses on the kids and let's them learn thru zero pressure, has good teachers and really cares for the kids... 

Currently he's doing his nursery at kangaroo kids and he's loving it.. The school environment is fantastic and he has learnt so much here I can't begin to tell you... So I wanted something similar...

I also feel, and I may be wrong, but I feel like all these big schools focus a lot more on the kids post the 5th grade... Because that's when they can train them for the 10th grade, the results of which determine  school standing. 

And because of this, I feel the younger batches get left behind with average attention. Decent, I'm not saying they don't care at all, but i feel the degree of attention is just much lesser than I would like. 

So we settled on Besant Montessori. 

We read a lot about the Montessori form of education, really liked it... Visited the school.. It's so old school and simple, the teachers remind me of my teachers, the infra structure is very basic but I think, also after speaking to a few people who's kids are there, their teaching systems are great and very up to date. 

They have big gardens for the kids to run around in, they go to the beach get sand in their feet... What more can a mum ask for really! 

So for all you wonderful people following up on siddy... Besant it is... From next June! 

He's a big boy now! 

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