Sunday, 13 March 2016

Am I forgetting something?

Ever had a day when you have a hundred thoughts running through your head... and by the end of the day you're pretty sure you've forgotten something.. And you're too exhausted to figure it out but your brain won't let you stop thinking?

Here are a few questions going thru my head, pretty much on a daily basis!

Did I ask the cook to make the poha?
Did I send the email to client A?
Did I look for my single punch punch?
Did I reply to that friend's message? I know I read it..
Did I download all my camera pictures to the laptop?
Did I order the bread?
Did I order the jam?
Did the cook make a salad?
Did we eat bhindi yesterday or last week?
Did I keep the new prints I got in a safe place?
Should I start making the party cap order I've got today or can i wait till tomorrow?
Have I got an approval on the design?
Did she like design one or design two? This is when I start to scroll through 100-200 messages to find out.
Did I put my bag in my cupboard?
Is my wallet in the bag thats in the cupboard or in the one that is out.
Did I drink enough water?
Did Siddy drink enough water?
Did I check Siddy's handbook?
Did I give Aadi a fruit for a snack?
Did siddy eat any sweet today?
Really did I send that mail out? Double triple check!
Did I find the felt fabric I've been looking for all week?
Did I call friend A and make a plan?
Should I call friend A and make a plan?
Does Siddy have an off in school tomorrow?
Does he have a special day where I have to make him into something?
Do we have any veggies for the cook to make something?
Should I just make egg curry again?
Do I really have the time to sit and watch this show?
Should I start working on that presentation now?
I know I've not taken that vitamin today.
Did I give Siddy his supplements?
Did I brush his teeth????
Do I have to go to the printer right now or can I push it to tomorrow?
Should I clean my cupboard out or should I clean siddy's toy cupboard?
Should I just sketch this afternoon?
Did I return that relative's call from last sunday?
Did I do what I promised person A B C D E F ...... XYZ????
Did I get anytime to relax today?
Did I even breath?
Did I sit down?

Oh my god what am I forgetting?

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