Sunday, 20 March 2016

Doing something right!

Nothing is better than a compliment... But the one that surpasses the "you look so good" " you've lost so much weight" " your work is really nice" is

" you've brought up siddy so well" "siddy is such a well behaved kid" 

Now I know.. Siddy is the worlds biggest nautanki kid... He has his moments of tantrums and fake cries... And there are days he just won't listen and will do the exact opposite of what I tell him...

But for some awesome reason.. He's a gem in public!!!! 

He listens.. He doesn't shout.. Doesn't run like a crazed lunatic... Doesn't destroy things... It's amazing!

Yes yes.. It's not a random reason.. He has been taught well.. By my husband, my mum and me...

But still I feel most kids, despite being told and taught, tend to forget it all when there are people around.. Our man is the opposite.. (Till now at least!!!) 

He says his thank yous and pleases... And excuse mes... And all in all acts like a little gentleman! 

And of course by using words like  " that ferocious lion" at three, he manages to totally charm people!!! 

We do work hard at making him the way he is... (I'm sure most parents do but I think between the three of us we have managed to find that magic combination) like Aadi will always read him books and teach him new words and he'll never shy from teaching him big words thinking he won't get it... And so siddy learns more big words everyday and he tends to use them in sentences! 

Mum teaches him about birds and trees (no not bees!!!) and she has this way of disciplining him with a certain firmness that I just don't have.. I go straight from cuddly wuddly to crazy mommy...

Also she manages to stop his bottle feeding, diaper wearing and all in all making him grow up one step at a time and at the right times!! 

And me.. Well I add to his awesomeness by being super awesome!! Ha ha ha!!! 

To be honest I don't know what I do right.. I just know that while I give in to a lot, I also take a strong stand for a lot.. And I try to balance teaching him things and having fun and mixing it all up together... 

It's working, it's all some how working.. Because just last week .. I had two friends... One who has a ten month old and has been on one too many play dates with really naughty kids , and one who has no kids but has seen some pretty badly behaved ones... And all they came back and said was how lucky I was to have such a good and well behaved and adorbale little boy... 

And each time I got flashes of his fake crying and "no i won't put my toys away" ... But when they narrated some of the stories.. I realised.. Nope my kid is kinda sane... !!!! 

So yup! Here is to doing something right... Cheers Aadi and mum...!!! 

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