Sunday, 17 January 2016


Confidence is not something you can teach... Especially not to a three year old... So it's kinda awesome when you're three year old displays some kick ass confidence... 

At a building Christmas party there was a guy wearing a Santa cap... Siddy saw siddy wants! He asked me first.. And because I didn't know the guy I told him I can't ask for it.. Then I said " but if you want it you ask him for it" he thinks for a second walks up to Santa guy and straight up asks him for his cap... 

Out of sheer shock at having a random three year old kid asking him and the fact that random three year old is super adorable and the fact that the super cute girl he was with was watching, he handed over his Santa cap to siddy with a big smile!

Another time, we were visiting a new doctor.. While waiting out he was looking at the three nurses sitting and making cotton balls out of a big cotton roll... 

Again siddy see siddy wants to do! Again he asked me to ask them first.. I told him the same thing.. " you want to do you go ask them" 

Thinks for a second (he always does) jumps off the bench and goes and says "can I help you?!" 

Those poor Kerala nurses didn't know how to react!!! They looked at me unsure., and I said in Hindi " he wants to make the cotton balls with you" 

They laughed all thru at this tiny kid rolling up the cotton balls!!! 

Then we go in and meet the doctor... The  check up is done and we are sitting listening to the doctor give us instructions... When siddy goes 

"what's your name?" He has a fascination for names.. 

The doctor equally surprised as the nurses.. Says "my name is Deepak"!!! 

And siddy smiled! And the doctor smiled and the mommy beamed with pride! 

I love that he can go upto anyone and talk to them.. Kids have no fear.. No thought of " what will they think?" No sense of rejection... Just bam... Out there.. 

I wonder what it would be like for us all to have that kind of no fear confidence...?!!! 

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