Thursday, 11 February 2016

The Pizza Party!

This is an old post thats been catching dust in my drafts folder....

Tonight we had a pizza party!

And who's idea was this? 

My two and a half year olds!! 

What did I know at two and a half? Certainly not that I could ask for and get a pizza party.. Heck.. I doubt I knew anything about the existence of pizzas!!! 

Randomly once or twice in the week he has mentioned wanting a pizza.. Like one day the grocer rang the bell and he went " pizza is here pizza is here" Another time he just straight up asked for it... 

So come Saturday night we decide to call for some...

He was so excited when we told him we were having pizza for dinner... 

When it came I cut a slice into little pieces and gave him a glass of juice to go with it... It was over in minutes! 

No fuss... No pushing shoving bribing... The plate was spotless... !!! He even asked for more! 

Why can't all meals be like this?

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