Monday, 6 June 2016

A New Milestone... BIG BOY School!!

I know this post is coming up after a really long time.... but to be honest, it's been really tough to document the last few months... little bumling is fast becoming a big boy and I'm just not being able to keep up!!!! 

In fact today I write because we have reached a new milestone in our life... and I absolutely have to put it down! 

It's official, Siddy now goes to a big school!!! 

Its a big deal people!!

Last year for a few weeks, I did the whole visiting of each school to check which was the best, called friends and friends friends to get 'honest' reviews.... but to be honest, I was pretty sure it was going to be one of two... Jamnabai or Besant Montessori. 

Now everyone tried freaking me out about the fact that Besant is only till the 5th grade, what will you do post that... run around for admissions again... and so on... not realising that that was my reason to choose it in the first place. 

The fact that the school is for kids of that age, means it will give them undivided and age specific education from day one. Also hey, who knows where we're going to be in the next 7-8 years.... anything could happen! 

So Besant it was!

Since the day we got the admission, I've been getting him excited about the new school, the big school... !

So all summer whenever someone would meet him and ask him "Which school do you go to?"

"I went to Kangaroo Kids, but now I'm going to go to Besant Montessori!!!"

Needles the say, the person was too shocked to ask anymore questions!!

Come a week before school starts, we're talking about it and he says 

"Mumma will Nikki be there"

"yes she will.. and shanayah also will be there."

"hmmm and prayansh and leo?"

"No love, they will be going to another school"

"hmmmm, ok Mumma please tell the teacher that I have to make new friends here ok"

Ok then baby boy all of three years old!!

The morning of the 1st day of school, he wakes up pretty early and easily, not the dramatic morning I had envisioned... 

Aadi was dropping us off to school and during the drive I suddenly notice he's smiling at himself... First I thought maybe someone in the car next to us or something so I ask him..

"Who are you smiling at baby?"

"No one....I'm smiling because I'm excited I'm going to Besant Montessori!"

Oh my big big boy!!!

The school was amazing! Everything I thought it would be... simple , warm and fuzzy.... the teachers were so welcoming, of the kids of course but us too... It was only an hour long class today. 

I sat with him for about 10-15 mins, that too because in his group the mums of the other kids were sitting, but slowly I started moving out and he was ok with it! He was just so happy with all the new puzzles and activities he could play with!

In fact, when they came out to play outdoors, where we were, I saw him come out, first in line with the biggest smile I have ever seen!!!

I'm so glad with my decision of this school and looks like he is too...

Post school a friend and I decided to treat our little ones to a yum dessert, and of course down strong coffees ourselves, for surviving day one!!

Well, its been two and half hours since we've been home and since he's been passed out!!!! 

Big Boy school has obviously been tiring for him!!! 

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