Monday, 11 April 2016

Smarty Pants!!!!

So little siddy is fast becoming a super smarty pants. Here are a few instances:

1. We are stepping out to watch jungle book... Obviously not taking him... But we haven't told him where we are going.. So he comes to me and says " Mumma can I come with you?" 

" no baby..we are going to a place where there are only big people" 

" so no children are there Mumma?"

" no baby" 

Thinks...." Ok Mumma...if there are no children it's ok... I'll stand with you" 

Ok then! 

2. We are at a fancy restaurant having lunch... My two boys are dressed up all cool with their hats... Suddenly cookie comes to me ...

"Mumma I want to sit in your lap" 

I was in much need of space because I was starving and couldn't really deal with a chipku! 

" no baby.. Sit with your daddy na"

" no Mumma..with you"

Husband also tries..." Come baby sit with me..."

"No Mumma..." And now he's reached full rondu voice!! 

So I try something new " baby you're wearing your hat and papa is wearing his hat .. Why don't you two sit together... The hat boys can sit together.. Yayie!!!" 

Looks at me... Looks at his daddy.. Considers this new perspective... 

Removes his hat..." Now Mumma can I sit with you now?"

How can i say now?!!!!!!!!!


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