Saturday, 31 May 2014

Working with a bumling by your side!!

A friend of mine recently messaged me one night to ask me how I do it...

How I manage the little bumling and work and this blog.... 

And I thought about it .... And I manage because I love each one so much.. 

I mean yes.. You can never compare your love toward your baby to your work or some space on the internet but I am so happy when I work and I'm so happy when I blog and that makes me make time. 

Like right now it's one thirty and I've just put away my wool pom poms for a cupcake banner order after finishing one hoop art order and instead of sleeping I'm taking fifteen minutes to write this blog!!!! 

And this is after playing with the bumling, giving him his milk and chatting with his daddy!!! 

I enjoy it all that much!!

Recently I did a birthday party... If you guys follow my Happy People page on facebook you must have seen my Spa-arty!! 

I got the order just two weeks before the actual birthday.... The madness that happened for those two weeks is almost impossible to sum up in one blog post.!!!

I designed and handmade 60 invites, made 50 paper flowers, re labels 250 water bottles, stuck 300 cupcake toppers to toothpicks (I had help!!!) and packed 240 bottles with shampoo sunscreen bubble bath and moisturiser for 60 return gift baskets for which my entire family helped like crazy!!! 

Three trips to the printer ... Which is about 40 mins aways from home... Three to four hours there... And back... Four trips to bandra where the venue was...visiting eight grocery stores hunting for the right sized candy to fit into the invites..

Add to that minor panic attacks every time some vendor said something was not available or their stock had run out but they would try to arrange for it... 

I don't think I slept for about three nights prior to the party... Literally the entire night i would be up finishing...packaging...

Because all day it was playing with siddy feeding him.. Running around with him.... Of course my mum and Aadi were crazy help... But the more he is growing up the more he senses I'm busy or just not giving him my full attention.. And so he demands it... 

More than anything... I pulled off this party because of him... He never once stressed me out the little angel... Literally I would be working and I'd give him my rough paper to play with and he'd sit below my table playing with it.. As soon as he got bored I would give him something else real quick... And distract him!! So many rolls of wool have been destroyed by him in those ten twelve days!!! 

(This is what working with a baby looks like!!) 

It was the most exhausting and the most exhilarating few days of my life.... I felt so happy that day I set up the party and looked around and so all my decor hanging from the trees and stall fronts.. The food toppers and popcorn boxes made me smile!!! 

I came home that day, after standing in the mad afternoon sun for four hours... Simply wanting to hug my little baby boy....

But it wasn't over.... The next day was my workshop... Vi and I were taking our first workshop together .... We packed 15 packets of stationary and papers....and had the most amazing experience ever!!! 

I went in so unsure about everything... I mean.. I was teaching them things I did at home for fun... Would they really find it that interesting? 

Well, they did!!!! They loved making the paper flowers... And seeing everyone excitedly making so many variations of them... It was amazing!!! 

Working is amazing.,, it makes me feel complete... 

It made my think... Shouldn't my baby make me feel complete ... Do I need something else? And I realized that sidy doesn't complete me.,. He is me...

He is a part of me that is merged into me.. Not an external piece of a puzzle I have to add to me... But working blogging, these are things I need to keep adding to my life to give me external happiness.. 

Siddy is my inner glow... My inner happiness!!! 

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