Sunday, 4 May 2014

A date... Long over due!

After a very very .... Very very very long time Aadi and I went on a date. 

Just the two of us, all dressed up... Dinner and dessert... 

Ahhhhh... We felt human again!!! 

Thanks to my doll of a mom... She was going to a friends house for dinner.. And decided to take the little bumling along so that Aadi and I could spend some time together...

At first I was a little worried.. But like she said, the sooner he gets used to going out without us the better... 

So I happily packed a bag for him and kissed him goodbye as my mom took him out! 

At first aadi and I were just so shocked that we had the evening to ourselves.. We didn't know what to do.. So we just lay our backs down and rested.. It's the most amazing feeling in the world!!! To just relax... Not worry about having to go anywhere.. Change any diapers, make any meals, nothing! We could just be...

Then Aadi had his coffee and we chatted... Mostly about siddy's play school and siddy.. But hey... We were just talking!!! 

We had reservations for dinner at china gate for the three of us, since mom was going out for dinner... When we realised now it's just the two of us... We were super thrilled!! 

No baby bag to pack and carry, no having to ask for a baby chair, or worry about bumling making a noise and a mess at the restaurant ....

But more than that... I was able to dress up... Wear my heels, I hate heels but not being able to wear them,since I'm usually in comfy mommy flats, makes me love them!! I wore my hair down without fearing my monkey would pull it... You will always find me in a bun!! I wore a necklace... Ha ha! Sounds like nothing till you have a bumling in your arms practically strangling you with that necklace!! 

Aadi dressed up all handsome ..!! We were now date ready!!!

It was such a great dinner...ok so we still mainly spoke about siddy... But we had other conversations... Aadi told me about his work I told him about mine... We joked about things.. Talked about our meal... It was so relaxed and fun!!!! 

And then we went to San churros for dessert! So yum!!! 

I felt like we hadn't done this for years... Just talked and been together minus the monkey... And it felt great! 

I can't thank my mommy enough!!! 

While every memory that has siddy in it will be special.... I love making new memories with just Aadi... After all because we are, he is!!

Me calling mum mid meal to check on the bumling, who by the way has had a blast with all the attention he got!!!!

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