Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mommy's day!

There was this moment today... at the club where we just sat... three girls... three mommies, while our little monkeys ran around, nearly threatening to jump into the swimming pool... and none of us budged.... we didn't jump off our chair to pull them back, we didn't panic, we just sat sipping our beer, mojito and fresh lime soda.... because today was Mother's day.... and the daddies did all the running around!!

What a fantastic feeling!!

being a mom is great.... its amazing...but getting that bit of peace is way more amazing!!

my darling hubby took full charge today, not like he doesn't help other wise... he is a total hands on dad.... but today especially being mommy's day and the fact that I had a lot of work to finish up... he took on looking after the munchkin all day...

we met two of our closest couple friends... they are our mommy daddy baby gang.... aadi's college friends, their (life saving wives- my handbooks in the mommy world) and their too-cute -to -be -true adorable baby girls....

We end up meeting very rarely, as one is in poona working, and me and the other one live very apart... and the boys usually end up choosing to have mad bachelor nights rather than getting us all to meet!!

So to meet on mothers day was very apt.

And what a perfect day... A lazy brunch at candies with the most delicious mushroom cheese omelettes... Double coffee shot cappuccino.... Way too many cupcakes for our own good.... !!! Even here the daddies were in full baby charge mode... 

Siddy had a blast with the two girls... It took all of them some time to get used to each other... But once they did they couldn't get over each other... The amount of kisses and hugs he got!!! And the two little girls kept twirling and being all pretty!!! (Ahhhh to have a daughter that twirls!!!) 

But for some reason the lamp room at candies is really dingy... Their idea of romantic I guess!!  So we were all craving some sun... My suggestion of Almeida park was a flop since it was closed... So we went to the club...

A few cold beers ... Adorable babies running around amazing husbands looking after them... While we spoke about everything under the sun!!! 

The babies our work... Our husbands and more about the babies!!!  Ha ha ha!!! 

Finally at about three we parted ways and headed home to celebrate with my mommy!!! 

My brother can over and mum made the most awesome meat ever!!!! 

Yes yes my mom cooked on Mother's Day... We tried taking her out.. But no... It's all so crowded it's a sundy I don't want to go... So we did what we were supposed I do on Mother's Day and listened to our mum... We ate at home!!!

I really wish mommy's day came once a month... Felt so good!!! 

But the best part was this: 

When Aadi started work I put one up like this on our main door... On his first day from work... So today he made one for me!!

Since I've started work... My free time with siddy is less... So today I packed up my work and just chilled with him!! 

I can't wait for him to grow up and see what he does for me on this special day!!! (Ha ha I know I know it's a stupid commercialised Archie's cards day... But hey... This one I'm ok with!!!) 

Well a mommy's day can only be as good as the babies are... And these babies are the best!!! 

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