Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A dAy At VardEnchi !!

The first day bumling saw a Vardenchi up close, was at the villa69 exhibition. 

The bike roared into our joint stall and from that moment on it was true love. He just couldn’t get enough of the bike. He walked all around it and touched the tyres the pedals, he insisted on sitting on it at least five times. Each time he was amazed with the tank and its size, he loved looking at his little face in the mirrors and God save him if someone put on the lights of the bike…. he'd go nuts!!!

From then on every bike he sees or every bike he hears he keeps saying 

Bai…. bai…. bai!!! 

Till we say “ ahhh… A bike!!”

So we just took him to his bike heaven…. we went to the Vardenchi factory. For those who don’t know… Mr Vardenchi is also Siddy’s mamu!! Yup he’s my brother and he was having the new factory puja and we all went for it.

We got there and got a private tour around the factory... which is huge!!

I've seen the Vardenchi workshops grow over the years and this was a super proud moment.

It's a stand alone factory with a huge space for the making and servicing of the bikes, a separate design space, paint and chrome booths, conference room, accounts room and my brothers very own office!! And all the boys wear these super cool overalls and caps....!! 

Akshai says he can roll out 600 bikes a year from this space!!! 


So anyway, this monkey at first was a bit taken back... seeing so many bikes up close... it must have been over whelming for him i suppose!!

But slowly and steadily he got into his I'm - a - spoilt - kid - i - own - this  - workshop groove.... which by the way was something my husband always said I had when I'd visit my brother's workshop!!!

Well by now he had started running around the service floor... insisting on sitting on every bike. Literally, i put him on one bike, he'd bang his little baby hands on the tank in approval, look at the bike next to it, point and say "there" So i'd pick him and put him on the next bike only for him to do the same.... there were nine bikes that day at the workshop... and mr has sat on all!!!

At one point my brother even started a bike and put him on it... he looked a bit spooked with that loud roaring sound!! but he loved the lights!

The puja went off really good... the boys at the factory fell in love with this kiddo... I bet I can leave him here for a day or two... In fact Ive already planned to send him here to work in his summer holidays!!! ha ha ha!!

It was a great day!! Siddy couldn't have asked for more... so many bikes so many tyres... and such massive ones within reach!! but it was also a tiring one... And a really dirty one!! He looked like a baby mechanic by the time we left from there!!