Thursday, 22 May 2014

slEeP TiMe

So in Jaipur right now it's just me and bumling in bed at night... And I tell you there is no better or worse experience!!! 

Better I'm sure you understand but worse you ask ? How can it be worse?

Well let's see... Our bed is big here... A good 5.5' wide and 6.5' long.... I stack a bunch of pillows on the left, keep him in the middle and sleep on the right... Slowly and steadily he comes snuggling up to me... That should be good you say.. But what happens when by 5:00 in the morning he has snuggled so much you have only about 12" of space to sleep in while the rest of the bed is totally and completely EMPTY!!!

seriously it's maddening!!! 

And all night I'm twisting and turning to make sure I don't sleep on his little hand or squash his little legs! But does he care? No no not one bit ....


But ahhhh... Those snuggles and that cute little podgy hand on my face ... That amazing little cuddly puddly thing rolled up next to me... Sleeping sometimes literally on my stomach... Somedays if I'm lucky then on my face... Usually cheek to cheek but other times I get slammed on my cheek with his big head!!! 

Just right now I was switching off the tv and some stupid girl screeched and he woke up.. Cried for a second and then put his head on my lap and knocked right off!!

And that's what sparked this post... But I have to tell you what he did in the afternoon... So he was asleep but woke up because he did potty poor thing and then he found it real tough to go back to sleep.. And I was super sleepy by then (blame it on the bowls full of rajma rice I ate!!) 

It was so tough, because he was really sleepy and so clingy but just refused to sleep... And so he rolled all over me.. And  every time I turned around to sleep he would whack me on my back or arm and wake me up!! Then he would slather me with his super sloppy kisses and smile his super cute smile and just like that all my sleep disappeared!!! 

I love nothing more than sleeping with this monkey.. Point is he needs to let me sleep also!! 

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