Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Going Back Home!

In all honesty I was worried. I mean he's just a baby... How strong can his memory be? And the amount he has grown in the last two months... He's walking and talking (pretty much) he's reacting to things asking for things... He knows what he wants and doesn't want... I just wasn't very sure how he would react going back .. Well, going back home...

So mom dad did visit for a few hours when they had a connecting flight to South Africa about two weeks ago... He was very happy to see them then... I wasn't sure if it was because he remembered them as such or if he was just being his usual friendly self... Either way I was just happy that night because he was in a great mood and played so much with them. 

But wait... Now that I think about it.. Of course he remembered them... They had two of their close friends with them and siddy didn't spend as much time with them as he did with mom and dad...!!

So ya... When I was coming to Jaipur (since this previous thought just came to me) I was a bit worried. But as soon as we landed and we met granny and Nitinbh, he was in love!!! He laughed and laughed at Nitinbh's Chinese and sat in granny's lap all the way home! 

And the day mom dad came back from their trip.. He was all over them!!! 

I mean, it took him some time.. Like about half an hour... He walked around them... Smiled from a distance but as soon as he realised that this was family... He was all in! 

It's amazing how a little baby, all of fifteen months can tell family from outsiders... He plays with them and hugs and kisses them.. And nothing is more amazing for me than that... 

His relationship with them is an individual relationship... It's a minus Aadi and me kinda relationship.. And I would always want it to become stronger and deeper as he grows up. 

Seeing him with them now, I have no worries no doubts that he could possibly forget them.... 

His fun loving Dadu and his even more fun phone and his beautiful Dadi who teaches him to sing and pray. 

They spoil him and love him all in one go.. And he knows it... That little kid knows how much love he's going to get from them.. And how many toys he's going to get from them too!!!

I'm just glad to see them together!!!

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