Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Play school drama

About a month ago my masi came a visiting.... And freaked the living crap out of me....!!

Haven't figured out his play school? Haven't even looked at any? He's already  fifteen months old... School starts in June... What are you doing?!!!!!

And to add to it... I had a meeting with a client who has a baby as young as siddy and her baby's play school admission was done months ago....

So ok.... put the pressure people!!

Quickly I called a bunch of mommies I know to get their opinion. This is a good thing because you get to really see a lot of perspectives and then get to decide what you want.

Like one friend said pick any as long as it's close by because playschool is for fun more than anything..

....another said she didn't believe in it and was happy home schooling her kids till proper school starts...also being a stay at home mum she would rather have the little monkies with her all day!!! 

....another recommended joining a play school with great school associations as that would help with his admissions later.....

So I started by making my list of things I knew I wanted as far as the play school went:

1.Location Location Location:

My first and main priority about the play school was the location, it just had to be five to ten minutes from home, I really didn't think it made sense to drive a distance with him at such a young age everyday just for play school. And considering the class would be for just one and half to two hours, it seemed impractical to drive half an hour hang there for two hours and get him back. I couldn't possibly drive back and go back... I'll be in the car the whole morning!!!! And with my work kickstarting, seems really silly.

2. Good Background.

This was mainly Aadi's priority, and I agree. He wanted a school that had some standing amongst the top play schools of the city, since we have heard that it helps with the school admissions. He spent a few days researching the top schools... And we narrowed it down together. 

3. Bright and Colorful.

The classrooms and overall ambience of the school should be cheerful and colourful. A space that kids feel happy in.

4. Should be decently priced.

I mean come on, its just play school. It doesn't have to be some crazy expensive space... after all, all they are going to do is play with play dough and crayons!!!

5. Safety.

This I've added later after reading a post on FMC about a little boy who's fingers came between the door and got do badly crushed he had to get surgery done. The school had no safety precautions even basic ones like door closers also they didn't take on any responsibility for the accident. So now I will double check.

6. No cheap Hindi songs. 

I was very clear that even if they play Hindi songs for school plays or music and dance days, I didn't want siddy coming home singing some cheap item number song. Nothing is more icky ( in my opinion) than a little kid dancing to some sick chikni chameli type song.  

7. Kids from the same economic and social background.

Don't judge me... But I felt it was import at that the kids that come there are from the same social and economical background as us as we would be interacting with their parents. I was also not comfortable having them from a higher economic background because I personally feel it messes with your discipline structure... They see more they want more... You know? So it was important that it be a group that is similar in their lifestyle. 

Well, so after asking around I shortlisted OPT 1 and Kangaroo Kids. OPT 1 was top at first, because I had heard about it being really fancy shmancy! And I went to see it first. 

It was really cute.... The girl who showed us around was very well spoken and convincing... The fee was reasonable so I got excited.... I was pretty sure I didn't want to see kangaroo kids. 

So the next morning I took Aadi to see it before I paid up... And strangely the next day it seemed dull. I don't know why... But the entire space seemed very dark and dingy. The girl whom we had to make the payment to was running late... So Aadi suggested we spend that time looking at kangaroo kids since the bandra branch was the top play school on most lists. 

Bright clean cheery and airy. 

Wow!!! What a contrast. 

It was the strangest thing, in that moment we both knew we weren't going back to poor OPT 1:(

I took siddy and mum there later to meet the teachers and speak to them since no one was around earlier. Siddy loved it there.... Then again he had loved cambridge shire as well!!! 

I also met a fellow mommy from my craft mornings who said she was shifting her son from OPT 1 to here because they had a crazy mosquito problem.... 

So well.... All in all kangaroo kids was winning!!! 

It's a bit more expensive than the other  but it just scored more points overall!!!

So people... This little bumling of mine... This small little baby... Is off to school this month!!! 

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