Friday, 23 May 2014

Great grandparents

If you thought grandparents were the baby spoilers... Please enter 'great grandparents'!!!!

They are allowed:

1. To manhandle the baby... After all they raised not just their kids but their kids kids and they all turned out ok....

2. To feed the baby practically anything... Again same as above, their kids and kids kids are ok... But ya... After the second chocolate I butt in!! 

3. To put all the ghee made at home on the newborns head.... Because we've done it for generations...

This was a funny story actually because the day she did it I called siddy "ghasitaram gheewala" all day long!!! And jokingly we told his pead that granny does this awful thing of putting as much ghee on his head as she does on his paranthas...!! And she says " that's good... Ghee in all forms is very good for the baby's brain development!!!!" okay then!!!!!

Granny knows best!

4. To press his legs while he eats or tickle his tummy while he's having his milk... Anyone else touches my kid while he's having his milk is in trouble... But granny is allowed anything!! 

5. Screaming around him...bumling is a very sensitive kid... He hates loud voices but I think even he has gotten used to granny's and Puran chacha's loud voices!!! 

So ya all in all great grandparents are seriously allowed anything!!! Because they also get this crazy gleeful laughter out of the kids that is hilarious!! Siddy sees granny or puran chacha and he goes kinda nuts!!! He actually loves all the man handling....!!

Its so funny though.... siddy has all his great grand mums around... but no great granddad.... strange no?

He gets the most time with dadima and not so much with all the others.... I hope I can make enough trips to each of them so they can actually spend some time with him.....

I just feel as long as the little one is safe and happy let the great grandparents , even the grandparents, have as much fun as they want with their kid.... because well life is seriously short.... we may never even have the happiness of seeing a great grand kid seeing as how late our generation is getting married and having kids.....

So since they are lucky enough... let them enjoy enough!!!

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