Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Family restaurant...

You know that kid at a restaurant who comes stands near your table and stares at you... Or the one who keeps trying to get your attention by smiling and waving at you a hundred times.... Or the one who has decided that he can run around and scream like he does at home.... And in each scenario there is either a really embarrassed mother or an overly indulgent one. 

Because no sane mum can think it is ok for their kid to behave like a spoilt brat in public....

My mum would always smile back at the kids who would come to our table... But I was always anti encouraging them... In fact I would get down right annoyed!!! 

So here I am today with a fifteen month old who insisted on standing on this little
platform which had a grill between our table and the next, screaming 'Mumma Mumma' 

What did I do?

Pulled him right down.....

Yes he's just fifteen months old, he's still a baby... He's really cute so people may not mind as much... But it's just not right. 

I think letting your kids run wild in public spaces especially a restaurant is not cool... It's not your home... You don't own the space.. Other people are not paying money to have their meal ruined by screaming kids.... So be mindful of them and respectful. 

Teach the little one better.. Teach him from a young age. If I let bumling loose now... He will think that it's ok to be like that. 

I remember when we were kids and we would go to the CCI Club there would be a separate room for people with kids and a seperate room for adults and especially when I became an adult I loved this system. Since parents with kids will sympathise with other parents with kids much better. What was funny was we were four grand kids and the youngest one and me had a three year age gap.. And the other two were older than me.. It was so annoying because we had to wait  for the youngest one to turn 18 before we could all sit in the adults only room!!!!! 

How ever most places don't have the space for separate restaurants... And so I guess it's up to us parents to make sure our kids are well behaved....

The trick is to carry things for them to get distracted by.. Toys story books activity books... Make them play name place animal thing if nothing else!!!!!! 

Just keep them in their seats.. And if they must run around... See if the restaurant has a small garden or exterior space which is safe.. Insist they only play there and not disturb the rest of the patrons. 

Always always put your self in the shoes of the other people and make it such that they remember your little bumling to be a good kid as opposed to being a nuisance. 

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