Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Travelling with a fifteen month old!

To be honest I was really really worried when I realised that its just going to be bumling and me on flight to Jaipur.

Yes I have travelled with him before, but he was a baby! He didn’t walk, talk, want to explore each and everything he saw. 

These days just keeping up with him at home is a task. He is now Mr Nonstop…. if we are all in one room, he must go visiting the other room…. if we reach the other room he must go back to the first room!!

And he doesn’t just walk does he… no no he runs! flies more like!!

And he must touch everything point at every person we meet on the road, he even has a temper.. Try taking away his toy or moving him away from the tv… and the biggest pout and frown will come out…!!

So now you see why i was worried!!!

Well, so here is how it went:

To begin with I packed light. Since i was going home, I didn’t need to carry to much in terms of clothes or diapers or toys. One suitcase (ok a big one…. I carried all my hoop art materials just in case!!) and one small handbag for him and my purse. I had his stroller…. so I could easily wheel him around. 

The airport staff is always amazing. They saw the bumling and immediately came for my suitcase. The guy at the counter was great because he kept the seat next to me blocked since it wasn’t a full flight…. this was I could happily make Siddy sleep while I wrote this post!! 

While we waited, we chilled at the cafe coffee day. We shared a banana walnut cake, the best part of him being old enough to eat what I’m eating, and I sipped on a nice cold miranda! Then we walked around the book store, I checked out the books and he found some noisy fisher price toys to play with!!

I kept his stroller on the side, took both the bags and let him walk  around… for two reasons 1. He was getting angsty and  2. I wanted to tire him out so he would sleep on flight and be fresh when we reached Jaipur. 

of course as soon as we were in the bus he went nuts!! 

bah… bah…. bah….. 

Thats his way of saying bus!! He pointed at all the other buses waiting outside… and boy when he saw the plane i think he went so nuts he didn't know what to say!! He just kept starting at all of them… I guess since he has always seen them up in the sky, he probably couldn’t relate to them on ground!!! 

In flight, before we took off, he kept staring out at all the buses and cars that were driving around… and was super excited! 

Finally just before take off, I made his milk and fed him…

And Voila! here we are with a sleeping baby… while I happily type away!!

I’ve been away from my adorable blog for too long… suddenly a lot of work took up my time… But now its two week of chilling in Jaipur which equals to lots and lots of blogging….

Hey if anyone has any particular thing they would like me to blog about do let me know!

And watch out for part two of travelling with a fifteen month old post his sleep!!

Running up and down the steps... a great way to get exhausted!!

Chilling in the aircraft!

(ps: uploaded this post the next day!!)

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