Sunday, 27 April 2014

Food Tax!

Now that we are eating everything we must eat everything!!

It isn't enough that while walking around the house bumling will put random things into his mouth... be it a chocolate wrapper, or some uncooked daal he was playing with days ago and found under the sofa, or we will find a  steel spoon will be stuck in his mouth....

No no..

Now he will come to you every time you have something edible in your plate and he will demand a bite.

We call it the Food Tax!!

and we must pay...! or he will point and point and finally grab it off your plate if you don't share.

Starting from his daddy's breakfast plate and thru out the day... he wants it all! The days we are eating something spicy, we actually have to keep some roti or rice in our plates so that we can pay our taxes.

And he will go to each person who is eating for tax!

The other day we had a friend over for dinner and we had made chicken burgers.. so there was a non spicy chicken patty for him, we actually had to make small pieces of it and keep some in her plate because he kept going to her for it!!!

its almost like having a puppy!!! (Hang on...  thats a great idea for a new post: the baby puppy connection!!)

Of course half the fun is in seeing his reaction to all the new food... like the pasta and the chicken and the chinese flavours or pizzas! We recently took him to Indigo for their melt in the mouth lemon fish... and he loved it!! I have never seen him ask for food as much and finish in such super fast speed as that night!!

So funny story, this one time I was having a sandwich and had this sweet and spicy sauce in my plate and he kept annoying me for a bite.... i moved my plate left then right, put it up in the air, sat with my back to him... nothing he wanted my food.... my mum got so irritated she was like ' just give him a bite' and she took some sauce and put it in his mouth!!! She didn't know it was the spicy one.... and this little bumbling eyes went all watery!!!! I quickly gave him water and in the mean while mum had gone to the kitchen.... So he follows her, stands in front of her and throws his arms up in the air and starts shouting at her!!!!! It was such a funny sight.... because he actually was quite mad at her... and wasn't afraid to tell her so!!!!

Of course next time he saw the red sauce in my plate, he stayed away!!! ha ha ha!!! Now i don't have to pay any food tax when I'm having a sandwich!!

Yayie food....


Ok i'll try some more!!

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