Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Mommy look

It's strange but one of the things I've been most sensitive about is not looking like a mommy.

I'm not very fashion and trend conscious never have been... I have put on a considerable amount of weight and dress to hide it... I'm ok with that... But there is this certain "Ammi" look that I think new moms tend to have that scares the hell out of me. 

Post the baby I think so much of our attention goes to them that for a while you forget about yourself. Forget about dressing up ... Heck you get so busy you don't get the time for a good wax.... Your moustache starts to grow,.. Your eyebrows get bushy... Your nails are of varying lengths.... Don't even look at the toe nails.... 

You start to wear baggy clothes to hide the tummy bulge... Track pants to cover the hairy legs.... Since in the first few months you hardly go out... You hardly dress up....

Your hair is in a perpetual top knot... Which isn't even coolly done!!!! 

That look scares me.... Because it's very easy to fall into that trap and argue how exhausted you are to even try looking better.... And while its is true... It's also the most important thing to push yourself and look after yourself. 

I have spent up to my 28th year passing off as a 23 year old.... And suddenly I feel like I've jumped to 36 in one year. 

A few bloggers I follow... Mommy bloggers have been great inspirations to me to look better...

Here are what they look like post baby and with full fledged careers!!

Thats Melissa from Brave in Love formerly known as Dear Baby Blog. Hers was the first mommy blog I read and fell instantly in love with the idea of chronicling all of the little bumblebees antics.

Then there is Jo from Cup of Jo.... her articles while fascinating also have this cool vintage 70's feel to them that I love...

And finally, as much as I hate her I love her... Drea.... I mean ok don't don the ammi look but hello? Do you have to look like a super model? But frankly her posts are amazing... and her photographs are simply gorgeous... it looks like she literally lives in technicolor!

Well I guess when you have some inspiration like them, not only in the way they write but also in their fab dress sense... you learn... you learn to whoop you ass every once in a while and start working on yourself... because its not just about wearing the right clothes or putting on kajaal every morning... it about being fit and looking good....

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