Monday, 20 October 2014

The Hair Cut!!

I love siddy's curls they are my favorite thing... Soft and adorable!

And he looks so cute in them..
So when I was told to cut it.. By everyone because the weather is so bad and the poor bumling sweats like a mad dog in his hair ... My heart broke :(

But I knew it had to be done...

I have trimmed his hair in the past.. Just a bit of his fringe and little from the back but nothing major... The first one was a disaster he looked like he'd had the infamous Sadhna fringe!! 

So I didn't have the guts to go ahead and give him a full on haircut.. That's when I decided to go the the guys who give me fab haircuts... Zido salon!

The adorable Zing, took us in despite a packed day because I had just three days in hand before leaving for a long vacation... 

He knew as soon as we reached that there was some thing going on... He's been there before but never reacted like this..

He refused to sit on the chair and clung on to me like a monkey... 

Finally I had to sit and keep him on my lap with the apron around me!!! 

We gave him his iPad and started...

I knew exactly what I wanted and Zing cut it perfectly and in a matter of less than fifteen minutes we were done!! 

Not one sound from the monkey! 

Once we were done and he and I were all brushed up.. I said to him " siddy hair gone" 

So he puts his hand on the back of his head looks a bit confused and repeats " hair gone!!" 

We cut the back out completly almost like a razor cut and left the front and top with his curls.. See he needs his hair to do li that li that no?!!

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