Thursday, 23 October 2014

1st trip abroad!

My dream for siddy is for him to travel... I want him to see everything there is to see in this world and experience every kind of experience there is to experience...

The best part is I can be his partner in crime for the first few years... Before it becomes uncool to travel with your parents!!! 

A kids first 'abroad' vacation is a BIG deal. 

We had plans of taking him to Australia last year.. And so we rushed and got his passport made.. But for some reason it didn't materialize...

Dubai was always on the cards.. For two reasons.. Dadima wanted to go there forever.. And two we all wanted a great family vacation which was close by and convenient.... 

So much excitement starting from bag packing, which drove the monkey mad, to catching a cab to the 'international' airport.. 

Mr was all dressed up in his fancy 'Zara' clothes!!! 

Travelling with him is fun... Seeing his excitement for everything is fun...watching him watch new things in awe really makes you look at things differently...

But what's annoying is sometimes you want him to see something or experience something and all his focus is on is something silly (according to you!!) and you try to take his attention away but he refuses!!!   

Patience building never stops!!

The flight was good.. All the way to the hotel the monkey was very well behaved.. He slept thru most of it... Ate his in flight food... Didn't make too much noise or cry or anything... It's a blessing..

He's always been pretty ok on flights but I was worried... From a one and a half hour flight to a two and a half hour.. I wasn't sure he would sit peacefully!! 

But he did!

Our hotel is great.. Each room is a studio apartment... Fully loaded with a microwave, hot plate, percolator and a washing machine!!!! Amazing!! 

The view is awesome and the best part is loads of Indians live around us so there are soooooo many lights out it it doesn't make you miss home! 

We were there for five days and the amount of things we packed in was amazing.. And despite seeing everything (pretty much) there was to see.. We still had a lot of free time on hand... For shopping!!!! 

Bumling thoroughly enjoyed shopping.. We were depaetetly in need of good shoes that fit him and so every mall we went that was all we were looking for initially.. And he loved it.. He would walk into a store and would sit down and point to his shoes and say "Mumma move move"!!!! 

I let him pick his own shoes... And he was thrilled!!! We finally bought two pairs and a pair of slippers!!! I know I know he's too small for slippers.. But oh so cute!!! 

And the clothes we picked up for him were also just adorable! But he didn't much enjoy the clothes shopping.. He didn't care!

But I think he had two favorite parts to this trip.. One was the aquarium in the mall.. I fell in love with it.. He toh must have gone nuts!! 

He's read about fish and we draw fishes and sometimes even see them on TV but to see them live and swimming and in such numbers must have amazed him! 

And we fed the fish too.. It was too cute he would say "Mumma fish khana" 

Sentences people.. The kid is making sentences!!!!! 

And the second was the camel ride in the desert... We did that mad car safari which he hated and howled thru but mostly I think because he had just woken up and couldn't understand why the car was behaving so badly!! However later while playing with his car he was shaking it up and saying "car dhudum dhudum!!!" 

When we reached the dinner place there were six lazy camels... They were huge.. Again he has heard of them read about them sung about them in fact my grandmum has even gifted him a stuffed camel from her trip to Dubai... But to see a real live one so big made him go crazy!!! 

So we took him for a ride on one.. And there was another tied close to ours such that his face was literally resting on my knee and siddy actually reached out to touch him...

No fear!

It was amazing! 

Luckily at all the malls we got him a stroller and granny a wheel chair so that we could actually cover most of the gigantic malls... One time Siddy's stroller was in the shape of a car and the kid went a bit mental!! 

He also had his first experience in a bath tub with bubbles and all and he was thrilled to bits.. Initially he was spooked but once he got a hang of it he loved it.. The kid is a fish I tell ya! 

Over all the trip was fantastic!! We ate lots saw lots.. The city reeks opulence and luxury.. A bit too much for my liking.. I prefer simpler more soul filled places.. But you can't take away from the insane architecture it has.. The skyscrapers of various shapes and sizes .. All lit up and gorgeous... 

For siddy's first trip I couldn't ask for more.. He had his Dadu Dadi Dadima Tau and mommy and daddy for company... He was the center of attraction, the center of all our universes!!! 

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