Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Top Three Annoying Things!!

1. There go my peaceful bathroom days... no more chilling and reading all the rubbish gossip and checking out all the fun clothes in the newspapers....no... now its just answering to an incessant series of knocks interspersed with the very annoying repetitive " mumma mumma mumma mumma mumma mumma" aaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!

2.Do any of you have that clingy kid? The one who holds your legs and doesn't let you walk or move in any direction? And there is always that fear of your pants falling.... its bad for that to happen at home but outside... you just want to crawl into a corner and hide..... I don't know how they all know how to do this... do they learn to cling onto their mums from the womb? I mean really.... i see so many kids do this....

and the icing on the cake is when they do it while you are clearing the kitchen at night... so you have this small bowl with a curry filled to the brim because you were too tired to get a bigger bowl and he comes and holds your legs - you don't know whether to save the curry your legs or the kid!!!!

3. Its late, you're tired and you're waiting for him to sleep... but he's running around... suddenly he gets whiney and cranky and you jump for joy and rush to get his milk ready and then for some completely stupid reason you decide to quickly clean up his toys before you put him to sleep... and next thing you know he is WIDE AWAKE and playing again.... he thinks it would be best at 12:00 in the night to build his blocks into a biiiiiiiig tower....more aaaaarrrrggghhh!!

And then of course he does this:

and suddenly he's the most adorable baby in the world...!!!

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