Monday, 6 October 2014

Big bum yoga

Kids are mean... And honest... I guess...

So somedays when I am all charged up I do yoga... The surya namaskar to be more precise ..

Usually I try to do it when siddy is in school but sometimes he's around...

And the little nakalchi bandar that he is... he imitates me!!

Its adorable to see him do the dog pose.... especially when we both do it and look at each other from under our legs!!!

but whats really funny... well not for me but maybe for you guys and obviously for him...

this one day i was doing my yoga... he was sitting on the sofa watching me.. and as soon as i get into the dog pose he says 

"Biiiiiiiiiiiig Bum!!!!!!!!!!!" 

hmmmmmmm.... yes darling thats why i'm doing the yoga thank you very much. 

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