Monday, 20 October 2014

Li that li that!!!

So there's this thing I love... A lot.

Wheb I'm sleepy or watching TV I love someone ruffling my hair... 

My mum used to do it for me, my masi even my cousin sister used to put me to sleep doing that...

I called it ' li that li that!!' Pronounced 'Li' as in start saying 'like' and stop before 'ke'!!!!!

And once I met Aadi he was my official li that li that doer! 

All thru my pregnancy he put me to sleep doing li that li that...

Every single night pretty much..

Now I don't know if it's a coincidence or what...

But anyone who has met bumling has seen him do li that li that to himself all. the. time! 

Seriously, while having milk while watching TV basically anytime he's in a chiller mood he starts ruffling his hair... 

Which is I why when I recently got it cut i had to be sure not to cut the top too short or how he will do li that li that?!!! 

So is it just a random habit or is it something that's connected deeper? 

I wonder! 

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