Monday, 3 November 2014

Like father like son!!

The first time I heard Aadi speak in his sleep was nearly ten years ago... He had knocked out on my couch and I was,well, chatting with an ex- who was a just a friend then!! 

It was extremely awkward because in the middle of my conversation suddenly I hear Aadi .. I jumped out of my skin!!! 

But it was all gibberish interspersed with his brother, Nitinbh's, name! 

Over the years I have had many such night time experiences... Apparently he even sleep walked as a kid... Luckily not any more!!! 

Well, so the story is a like father like son story!! 

The other night, the monkey went to sleep... I was reading a book and just as I lay down, his hand went up in the air and he shook it around and said "coming Mumma coming" and then he started rubbing his eyes and eventually started crying... 

This coming Mumma coming is a iPad thing.. When videos on YouTube are loading I need him to have some patience so I've taught him that it's coming he gestures to wait with his little hand and says coming Mumma coming!!! 

I guess at night he was watching videos so his tiny little subconscious picked it up!!! My poor baby..

After that night I hide the iPad at night... Don't need the extra brain activity kicking up! 

But imagine... How like his daddy he is!!! 

It's super cute if you ask me!!

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